7 Tips to Make Your Hotel Pool Area Family Friendly

Picture the happy scene you want to see at your hotel. A family day spent by the hotel swimming pool relaxing, adults along with their young children laughing, splashing, and playing. 

It sounds like a memorable and joyful experience, doesn’t it? However, what starts as a perfect vacation can quickly become a total nightmare if a serious accident occurs. 

Sadly, slip and fall accidents that happen at the site of a swimming pool are a shockingly common event. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 379 pool-or-spa-related fatal drownings per year for 2015 through 2017? That is why any hotelier whose hotel has a swimming pool is paying attention to this very serious safety concern.

Safe Step technicians have performed hotel pool anti-slip treatments on all kinds of surfaces. Poolside surfaces that become slippery from time to time can be efficiently addressed using Safe Step’s Anti-Slip Treatment.

Arranging for the application of an anti-slip treatment is a good start. It is also advisable to take other steps to make your hotel’s indoor pool or outdoor pool even more family-friendly. By taking these steps, your hotel pool will benefit from several layers of safety protection. 

These seven great tips will make your hotel pool area family-friendly and ensure your hotel marketability. Your hotel will more successfully attract those families that are, rightly, extra safety conscious. 

Your anti-slip pool treatment will make sure that your guest has a positive experience at your hotel. You will also avoid leaving yourself open to liability arising from an injury.

Taking these safety steps will help you properly fulfill your duty of care to your paying guests. Read on to see how you can further protect your guests from injury and enhance the safety of your resort.

#1 – Remove Hazards

It should go without saying that the area around your hotel pool must always be kept free of hazardous objects. Even something as innocent as a lounge chair that is out of place can easily be a trip hazard. 

It is wise to have a staff member regularly pick up and remove discarded objects from the potentially dangerous area. Taking this simple and obvious step is an important way to contribute to your guests’ safety and well-being.

#2 – Pool Safety Signs

You can help your guests to remain safe by posting well-positioned signs that clearly remind them of the hotel’s rules. Point out actions that will compromise your guests’ safety and make it clear that these actions are forbidden. 

For good reason, most pools post signs to advise guests to refrain from activities like running or roughhousing. Reminders help guests act with caution around the potentially slippery surface in the vicinity of your hotel swimming pool. 

Signs should direct guests to properly use the pool in addition to listing actions that are against the rules. “Walk,” ”Use the handrail when entering and exiting,” and “Enter pool feet first” are all effective options.

Why not arrange to have multiple signs printed? Make sure one is posted at each entrance to the pool and at least one sign near the pool itself.

antislip treatment, anti slip coating

#3 – Handrails

In the United States, handrails are probably a legal requirement for your hotel pool. For those areas near and around the particularly hazardous pool, handrails can be easily fitted and installed. 

Handrails add an extra layer of safety for people of all ages and abilities. Guests can navigate their way around the wet area while keeping their balance and avoiding slipping. 

#4 – Fencing

To protect small children from accidental drowning, your hotel likely has a barrier of some description around the pool. If you have an aesthetic concern, consider installing a glass pool fence. The clear barrier won’t obstruct views or detract from the atmosphere and style of your resort.

#5 – Pool Mats

Swimming pool mats are a special kind of matting made from PVC. Pool mats are an easy way to improve the traction around your hotel pool. In addition, placing these mats in the right areas around your swimming pool can improve safety.

#6 – Change the Pool Deck Material

There are all kinds of decking options to choose from for your hotel pool. If your current hotel pool surrounding surface is unsafe, you may decide to put down a new type of surface.

Keep in mind that your pool decking must meet all kinds of other important criteria in addition to being safe. Ideally, some of the other important boxes that need to be ticked include:

  • The surface should reflect heat
  • Water resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Comfort to walk on
  • Style and aesthetics

Don’t forget that a good grip on your hotel pool deck surface must be your priority. A non-slip surface increases poolside safety. 

anti slip treatment, anti slip

#7 – Pool Anti-Slip Treatment

With the importance of traction in mind, let’s move on to talk about Safe Step’s paint-free anti-slip treatment. Safe Step’s anti-slip treatment is engineered to increase the coefficient of friction (or resistance to slip accidents) on poolside surfaces.

Whatever surface surrounds your hotel swimming pool, it’s helpful if you can have it coated with a non-slip coating. A non-slip treatment changes the surface’s chemical makeup, which renders it less slippery even if that surface is wet.

This anti-slip treatment will transform a hazardous pool deck. Your slippery deck will become a safer area that more than meets the coefficient of friction safety standards. 

Swimming pool decks come in various surface materials. Safe Step’s technicians have performed anti-slip treatments on hotel pool decks, tile flooring, outdoor stone floors, and much more.

Safe Step is the leading hospitality refinishing company. If you want to make your swimming pool deck safe, Contact Safe Step for your quote today.