5 Signs Your Hotel Bathroom Needs a Refresh

When was the last time you renovated your hotel bathrooms? Has it been more than five years? Can you begin to see signs that the situation now needs addressing? It might be something minor, such as a bathtub needing paint repair or a more major facelift that is required.

This article will outline five warning signs that it could be time to at least refresh your hotel bathrooms. It’s good to address these issues early and while they are still manageable before they turn into more major problems.

In today’s marketplace of online reviews, your hotel’s condition is of the highest possible importance and relevance to your success. This is another reason why, if there are problems, it makes sense to address them without delay.

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Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to look at your hotel objectively as a hotel owner. One thing that can help you decide if it’s time for some upgrades is your online reviews.

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Take Note of Your Online Reviews

If you are consistently getting negative reviews about your bathrooms, it’s time to renovate them. It could be that some small, irritating things have escaped your notice but not the critical eye of your guests. Guests notice outdated furnishings, small chips in the bathtub, or perhaps a shower unit that has seen better days.

Take a closer look at the comments on your website, hotel review sites, and your various social media platforms. You may find that there are several less than positive reviews. If so, you’ll know that other guests who didn’t take the time to leave a review felt the same. 

The bottom line is, if you are receiving bad online reviews, it’s time to take action. When negative reviews get out of hand, they have an irreversible negative impact on your hotel business.

Now let’s look at five physical signs that it might be time to freshen up your hotel bathrooms.

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Five Physical Signs That Action is Required

1. There are problems with the flooring – Problems with flooring could be anything from loose tiles or boards to the good old creaky floor problem.

At best, a creaky floorboard can be an irritation for guests. At worst, loose flooring could result in a guest having an accident and getting injured.

2. The carpets are soiled, worn or outdated – Not only does a soiled or worn carpet look terrible, but it is also unhygienic. Nothing turns guests off more than a dirty, stained, or worn-out carpet. Your flooring should be fresh-looking and in decent condition and not dreary and dull. 

3. The walls or tiles are cracked and chipped – It may seem to be a lot of fuss about nothing. But only one or two cracks or chips in your bathroom tiles can give a very bad impression.

Cracks in shower wall tiles, for example, are a problem that needs addressing right away. Those cracks can lead to water leaks that bring larger issues such as structural damage or mold. 

4. The presence of mold – If you notice a patch of mold, you need to act fast before it gets out of control. This is one warning sign that should make you sit up and take notice.

Unfortunately, mold is a common issue in the bathroom, where moisture and humidity are present. 

Mold is unhealthy, unsightly, and smells musty. It can appear anywhere in your hotel, but most likely, it will appear in your hotel bathrooms. It can occur as a result of hidden water leaks. 

5. Damaged fixtures and fittings – In your hotel bathroom, damaged fixtures and fittings amount to more than just concerns about appearances. There are also safety issues to consider, such as slip resistance. 

Fiberglass bathtubs are practical and have good aesthetics. But over time, normal wear and tear can result in scrapes and scratches that diminish the surface of your tub. Other materials, such as porcelain, can quite easily crack or chip. 

Another concern is that your tub and shower can appear dull and dirty even when they are clean. This situation makes it difficult for you to make the bathroom appealing to guests and seriously downgrade your bathroom’s appearance. 

Bathtub Paint Repair

Did the comments about a damaged or sullied-looking bathtub catch your attention?

Suppose this is your situation and a full-scale renovation is not yet necessary. In that case, you may wish to choose the efficient and cost-effective solution of having your bathtub professionally refinished.

The option of sticking with your existing tub and having professional tub repair is a great one. Chip repairs and bathtub paint refinishing refresh your bathroom without the upheaval of a large-scale renovation. 

Bathtub refinishing is a way to restore the brilliance and shine to even your very worn hotel bathtub. Your newly refinished bathtub surface will also protect it from future wear and damage. 

Hotel Bathtub-Refinishing

What can you expect when you hire Safe Step’s professional technicians to refinish your hotel bathtub?

  • Professional expertise – Safe Step’s technicians refinish well over 7,000 tubs a month.
  • Anti-slip treatment – The signature bathtub anti-slip tread in a diamond pattern applied to the bottom of the tub
  • Precise color matching – The color of your refinished tub is custom mixed to match the current color of your bathtub
  • Environmentally-responsible materials – The use of quality materials with a low environmental impact
  • Courteous technicians – Employees are trained to interact professionally with guests.
  • Efficient service – To minimize disruption, technicians work meticulously and quickly, so your guests will barely be aware that work is taking place.

Whether it’s time for a full renovation or you just want to freshen up your hotel bathrooms, Contact Safe Step. We’ll happily provide a quote on any hotel and resort refinishing project.