Professional Commercial Bathroom Refinishes

Established in 2001, Safe Step built the company with a commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and always doing what’s right. This dedication to quality has fostered five-star relationships with our clients. We’ve also grown into the go-to commercial bath refinishing company for the world’s largest hotel chains.

As a preferred supplier for Hilton Worldwide, Marriot, Best Western, and IHG, we aim to provide custom, cost-effective, and comprehensive services for hospitality clients of all sizes. We always adhere to the brand standards that guests expect when staying at these leading hotels.

Safe Step’s project managers and technicians receive expert training at our Minnesota headquarters. This process perfects their skills to perform our signature services as efficiently as possible without disrupting hotel guests.

At every job, we provide complimentary on-site preventative maintenance and aftercare training. Because of the hotels we serve, we work with the top cleaning chemical suppliers to test and approve the ideal products to use. We want to ensure the newly-refinished tubs maintain their cleanliness and gloss. Industry-leading warranties back our work to protect your investment for years to come.

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Save Money Without Surprises

Safe Step contracts include travel expenses, so there are never any hidden costs. With highly-trained crews strategically located around the country, we can provide flexible services at a significantly reduced cost.

They Say We Don't Exactly Look The Part

Safe Step’s courteous project managers and sales team members offer timely assessments to determine the best bathroom restoration solutions for your property. On any given day, our clean-cut professionals serve 25-30 hotels across the country. And, since we never use subcontractors, you can rest assured that you will receive Safe Step’s original quality services, no matter where you’re located.

Every Safe Step technician strives to blend in with a hotel’s staff, allowing bathroom restoration projects to be completed unbeknownst to guests many times.

The Safe Step team can complete anywhere from six to one hundred hotel bathtubs a day to best fit a client’s priorities.

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An Innovative and Proven Process

Safe Step’s proven process emphasizes our commitment to excellent service. This process allows us to provide the best bathroom refinishing services possible and foster lasting relationships with each of our clients.

  1. It All Starts With You.
    We start by establishing your goals, outline your objectives, discuss potential issues, and determine a budget.
  2. Decide What Needs to Be Done.
    Next, our team will discuss unique scenarios and provide insights to ensure you receive the necessary services.
  3. Scheduling & Prioritizing.
    We review the project’s timeline and scope with you, then schedule around your priorities, not ours.
  4. The Time Has Come.
    Safe Step’s technicians service your property’s bathrooms with quality professionalism that will exceed your expectations.
  5. Your Investment Is Protected.
    Our industry-leading warranties ensure that your bathrooms will impress your guests for years to come.

Safety & Sustainability Are In Everything We Do

Due to the nature of our bathtub refinishing services and the fully occupied hospitality properties in which we work, safety and sustainability are key.

At every job, we focus our efforts on:

  • Ensuring the safety of staff and clients
  • Protecting our environment from harmful waste
  • Extending the lifespan of our products and services
  • Educating clients on the importance of proper cleaning practices
bathtub refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing

Improve aesthetics and guests safety with our comprehensive bathtub resurfacing and restoration services.



Enjoy 5+ years of beautiful grout lines in your hotel bathroom

paint free

Paint Free Anti-Slip Treatment

Ensure the safety of guests and restore bathtubs and showers to their original brilliance with our
signature Anti-Slip Treatment.

stone marble

Tile, Stone & Marble Restoration​

Restore shine and protect bathroom surfaces from future scuffs with our tile, stone, and marble restoration services!

stone marble

Cambria Integration​

Enjoy 5+ years of beautiful grout lines in your hotel bathroom

everseal caulk

EverSeal Caulk Replacement

Enjoy stunningly beautiful bathroom caulking in your hotel for 5+ years guaranteed!

Safe Step's 5 Core Values – Who we are:

  1. We are a customer-centered team.
    Our actions are focused on enhancing our customers’ experience with our company and nurturing our relationship.
  2. We are the industry leader.
    We are known nationwide, and we work hard to uphold our reputation every day.
  3.  We know our clients.
    We take pride in expert service with minimal disruption.
  4. We will always do the right thing.
    We keep our promises, admit and grow from our mistakes.
  5. We are driven to succeed, both in our own success and our clients’ success.
    Our passion is to increase satisfaction.

committed to our clients vision

we build lasting relationship

Reduce Impacts on Revenue

Our team of trained professionals can complete up to 28 of your bathtubs per day. We want to help you get your rooms up and running as soon as possible. We can provide twice the amount of technicians the other guys can.

Provide Long-lasting Results

We have created products that are durable and designed to last in your commercial spaces. We have a six coat application process that, with correct care techniques, will last you up to seven years. You can stop spending money to refinish them every two years.  

Discreetly Refinish

Our team of refinishing experts are professionally dressed and quick. We will be in and out without causing any disruptions to hotel guests or hiccups in daily operations.