Can Your Bathtub Be Refinished?

Are your hotel room bathtubs showing tell-tale signs of wear and tear? Now you have an important decision to make. Will you opt for buying a new tub or tubs for your hotel? Or can your bathtub be refinished?

It might be easier to reglaze your tub than to replace it. You can save money and minimize the disruption to your business.

Next, we will discuss why it makes sense to consider refinishing your existing bathtub rather than purchase a new one.

Are Your Hotel Bathtubs More Shabby Than Chic?

Here’s an excerpt from a hotel review; notice how the modern, clean and professional bathtub heavily influences customer satisfaction.

“We came to the hotel, and I was nervous as to what I booked. After a fast and pleasant check-in, we made our way to the room where I found my favorite bathroom…The tub was long and deep and modern and clean and made me cry with joy. I have been to some very expensive…resorts, and this tub could definitely stand up to them. The shower was lovely as well, and to tip the whole wonderful thing off…robes, slippers, and Netflix on the TV!”

With busy hotel rooms enjoying constant occupancy, hotel tubs and showers get a lot of use. The resulting wear-and-tear is more than a tub can handle for long before it starts to look shabby. And that means fewer five-star reviews.

Worse yet, a well-worn bathtub may appear dirty even if it is spotlessly clean. Nothing turns off a guest more than a dirty-looking tub. Room and bathroom cleanliness is one of the most important factors that lead to customer satisfaction. You may feel that it is time to think about updating your tub.

Safe Step’s bathtub resurfacing and refinishing services give a stunning brilliance to even the most worn hotel bathtubs. Treated bathtubs will be protected from future wear and damage. Contact Safe Step for your quote on any hotel and resort refinishing project.

Is refinishing the tub the right move for you? Or should you replace the tub completely?

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To Refinish Or Replace? That Is The Question.Should you replace the tub completely? Or would it be a more prudent decision to stick with the existing bathtub and have it professionally refinished?

The second option is the obvious choice if you are looking to keep costs down. Unfortunately, the costs to completely replace your bathtub can run very high. A tub replacement project can and usually does involve much more than the purchase of a new tub.

Don’t forget that when your tub is replaced, all the fixtures are also replaced. So if you are not careful, you could soon be taking on an unwanted, costly, and time-consuming bathroom remodeling project.

Be Warned!…

Having to install all new plumbing to accommodate a new tub is a common scenario. Then there is the replacement of the tile surround to consider as well as flooring and drywall. Replacing a bathtub typically includes the surrounding walls.  

Replacing the bathtub is a process that could take several days, weeks, or more. Your room will be unrentable during that time and result in a significant loss of income for your hotel. 

I’ll mention one last red flag when it comes to replacing your tub.

Attempting to replace the tub without properly handling the accompanying renovations will usually lead to long-term regrets. Think mold and fungus. If you leave the existing tile walls in place when replacing the old tub, there will be water damage. Water will find its way behind the new tub no matter how much caulking there is.

Now you see why so many choose not to replace the tub completely. So what are the benefits of tub refinishing? Is it a purely cosmetic and temporary fix? Are there really benefits to sticking with your existing tub?

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The Multiple Benefits Of Reglazing And Refinishing 

Reglazing a tub is a short-term solution when compared with purchasing a new one. However, you should be aware that a truly professional bathtub reglazing job can last many years. That is why it’s important to choose a professional company to handle your refinishing process.

There are other benefits in addition to the reduced cost, including: 

  • Minimal repairs
  • Fast process and minimal disruption
  • Your tub will look as good as new
  • Reglazing is an eco-friendly choice

Minimal repairs

Choosing to reglaze your hotel bathtub will mean that the work is confined only to the tub itself. The existing structure of your hotel bathroom does not need to change or be affected in any way. You will not be faced with any tile or plumbing projects as with a new tub install.

Fast process

The complete repair process from start to finish takes only a short time. The tubs can start to be used again in a couple of days. The technician that performs the work will only need access to the location for a matter of hours, not days. 

In contrast, when a new tub is installed, the work takes much longer. Many other factors cause inconvenience while work is underway, such as water being shut off for extended periods. 

Refinishing means you’ll avoid the mess, noise, and the coming and going of contractors that could adversely affect other guests.

Your tub will look as good as new

A trustworthy and professional bathroom refinishing company will make your tub look as good as new when it’s refinished. It will be impossible to tell the age of your tub. Your bathroom and your guests’ experience will be greatly enhanced.

For peace of mind, choose the industry leader to handle the work of refinishing your hotel bathtub. 

Safe Step is the leading hospitality commercial bathtub refinishing company. Contact Safe Step for your quote on any hotel and resort refinishing project.