Cleaning and Caring for Your Refinished Hotel Bathtub

You took steps to have your stained and discolored hotel bathtubs refinished. They are gleaming and ready for guest use, but you want to keep the newly resurfaced bathtub in pristine condition. There are specific care techniques and do’s, and don’ts when it comes to resurfaced bathtubs.

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Cleaning Do’s:

Do Only Use Mild Cleaners

Many cleaners on the market are too abrasive or contain chemicals that will damage the tub’s finish. It is best to stick with cleaners like Formula 409 (without bleach), Lysol Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles, or Liquid Ajax. Another option is to use liquid dish soap like Dawn or Ivory. If you have seen the Dawn commercials where they wash the cute baby animals with it, you know it’ll be gentle enough for cleaning. They will all effectively clean without dulling the finish.

Do Clean the Surface Regularly

It may not be possible to clean the surface every day, especially if you have guests occupying the rooms, but we recommend cleaning the tubs as frequently as possible. You do not want to allow the build-up of soap scum or body oils.

cleaning bathtub with non abrasive cleaners

Do Use Soft Cloths

If you use abrasive pads (like an S.O.S pad) to surface clean, you run the risk of scratching the refinished bathtub surface. A microfiber cloth or a car cleaning mitt will allow you to clean all grooves and crevices without damaging the finish.

Do Dry the Surface 

To further protect the finish, keep the surface fresh by towel drying the tub after each cleaning. You do not want to leave any wet sponges or washcloths in or on the refinished bathtub.

Cleaning Don’ts

Don’t Use Harsh or Abrasive Cleaners

Abrasive cleaners such as Comet, Bar keeper’s Friend, and other powdered cleaners will eventually scratch through the acrylic urethane finish leaving the bathtub susceptible to staining and discoloration. You should also avoid any cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia as they are too harsh for the tub’s surface and will ruin it over time.

Don’t Use Abrasive Scrubbing Pads

Again- we cannot stress this enough. If you use anything abrasive on the tub’s finish, it can scratch the surface. Abrasive pads like S.O.S pads, scouring pads, steel wool, or nylon brushes will scratch the surface.

Don’t Let Water Sit on the surface

If you leave objects such as shampoo bottles, soaps, or wet cloths on the new finish, you risk ruining the finish, or you may allow for bacteria and mold growth.

spacious hotel bathroom

Extra Care Measures

While proper cleaning techniques and routines are essential to ensure your refinished bathtub’s longevity, there are extra steps you can take.

Wax the Tub Surface

Waxing a reglazed tub’s surface is an often overlooked step in the care done for a refinished bathtub. Liquid wax will protect the finish of the bathtub while making it easier to clean. Apply the wax in an even, thin layer on the sides of the tub, then wipe off any of the residual with a dry, soft cloth.

Be careful not to over buff the surface and NEVER apply the wax to the bottom of the tub. It will make it slippery and dangerous. You can use the wax about every three months.

Regularly Check for any Leaks

Look around the bathtub faucets or showerheads to see if there are any leaks. Call an expert to repair leaks as quickly as possible. The constant dripping of water causes premature wear to the finished surface and allows rust to form around the drain.

Regularly Check for Moisture Build-up

Check around the faucet and any caulked crevices to prevent moisture build-up, mold, mildew, and erosion.

Test all Bathroom Ventilation 

Ensure the bathroom is well-ventilated. Check all of the vents to make sure they are in working order. The bathroom vents help prevent moisture build-up, which can ruin bathtubs.

Regularly inspect the Surfaces

Inspect the bathtub surface regularly to ensure there are no cracks or chips in the finish. If you find any chips or cracks in the tub, you should repair them immediately. Water can collect underneath and cause the formation of destructive mold and mildew.

Keep Metal off of the Tub

Water will pool up around shaving cream cans causing rust from the bottom of the cans to form. The rust will then run onto the tub’s surface. Once rust forms, there’s no way to clean off the rust stain without ruining the finish.

If you must store items in the bath or shower, try storing them in a shower caddy instead of the tub’s ledge.

Stay Away From Bath Mats

Not only are bathmats magnets for mold, mildew, and bacteria build-up, they can also destroy a bathtubs finish. The suction cups on the bottom of the mats can pull the finish off of the bathtub. If you need an anti-slip solution, Safe Step has an anti-slip treatment. It covers the bathtub’s bottom to provide guests with traction and prevent slips and bathtub related injuries.

maid cleaning hotel bathroom

Try to Keep Pets Away from Tubs

If you are a hotel that allows pets, it is best to advise hotel guests to avoid bathing their furry friends in the refinished bathtub. Pets can scratch the tub’s finish and leave behind hair and other debris that can build-up on the surface over time.

Following these guidelines will help you keep your hotel bathrooms in pristine condition for many years to come. They will stand up to daily guest use and look as good as the day the bathtubs were refinished.

If you want a hotel bathroom that looks fresh and will stay that way, you can contact Safe Step today to request your quote. We will help you prepare your guest bathrooms for occupancy with minimal downtime and no lost revenue.