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You have pride in your properties. Your guests know it. From the moment they check-in, they take in your fabulous lobby.

If the bathrooms are worn or out of date, it will create an unwelcome contrast. Your guests will notice, and it will color how they look at the rest of your property. 

Who Is Safe Step?

We are the industry leader in commercial bathroom refinishing. Since 2001, Safe Step has developed industry-leading subject matter expertise on wet surface safety. Safe Step is ANSI/ASTM/NFSI certified to assess and document adherence to traction requirements for bathtubs, bathroom floors, showers, pool decks, lobbies, and other walkways.

Hotel bathrooms endure high traffic and constant use. The maintenance required to keep your guest bathrooms inviting and clean can be extreme. How much downtime are you willing to accept?

Safe Step services are performed by our trained technicians who pride themselves on professional conduct and masterful work.

We service over 10,000 hotel bathrooms each month, with countless repeat customers.


We’re The Company Hilton Hotels And Resorts Trusts.

Our restoration services include:

  • Bathtub refinishing; with surface and color restoration, as well as our integrated non-slip diamond treatment
  • Grout sealing; your tile will shine again and be much easier and faster to clean
  • Tile, stone, and marble restoration; repair scuffs and restore shine
  • Caulk replacement; making your bathrooms look new again

With over 570 locations across six continents, Hilton properties require consistent standards across all of their properties, regardless of the individual owners. Hilton’s attention to detail has made them an industry leader.

As the most recognized name in the hospitality industry, travelers worldwide have been saying “Take me to the Hilton” for almost a century. Because of Hilton’s innovative approach to products, amenities, and guest service, Hilton Hotels & Resorts remains the stylish, forward-thinking global hospitality leader. Learn more about Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Safe Step products meet Hilton’s high standards for safety, appearance, and durability. That’s why they trust us.

bathtub refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing

Improve aesthetics and guests safety with our comprehensive bathtub resurfacing and restoration services.



Enjoy 5+ years of beautiful grout lines in your hotel bathroom

paint free

Paint Free Anti-Slip Treatment

Ensure the safety of guests and restore bathtubs and showers to their original brilliance with our
signature Anti-Slip Treatment.

stone marble

Tile, Stone & Marble Restoration​

Restore shine and protect bathroom surfaces from future scuffs with our tile, stone, and marble restoration services!

stone marble

Cambria Integration​

Safe Step’s partnership with Cambria allows us to deliver the best solutions to all our hospitality clients.

everseal caulk

EverSeal Caulk Replacement

Enjoy stunningly beautiful bathroom caulking in your hotel for 5+ years guaranteed!

Don’t Leave Your Guest Bathrooms In The Hands Of Just Anyone.

Do you want to risk getting your property updated by an unproven vendor? Consider the time involved in refinishing each guest bathroom.  

Let’s assume each guest bathroom will need to be vacant for a day to complete refinishing. That’s one day that you cannot occupy each room. 

An insufficient fix may require touch-ups, more extensive repairs, or a complete reapplication every year. That adds up to a lot of unoccupied rooms.

Safe Step’s six-coat application is designed for the high traffic that commercial bathrooms experience. Your fixtures can continue to look fresh and new for years to come with basic cleaning and care. 

Safe Step Uses Environmentally Conscious Low VOC Paint

Safe Step is proud to be using low volatile organic compound (Low VOC) paint at all job sites. What’s the difference between traditional paint and Low VOC paint?
Simple, Low VOC contains fewer than 50 grams of volatile organic compounds found in conventional paint. Low VOC is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce as much harmful gas as traditional paint.
Safe Step provides our customers with a fantastic remodeling experience for their hotel while also being environmentally conscious. 
More hotels choose Safe Step for their bathroom remodeling needs because of this dedication to staying on budget, provide excellent customer service, and being environmentally friendly.


How Can We Help You?

Safe Step can help keep your guest bathrooms looking perfect and new. A good refinishing job shouldn’t look refinished – it should just look flawless.

Contact Safe Step today to discuss bringing your guest bathrooms back to life. Get the best value and the professional finish your properties need!

Safe Step’s Bathroom Refinishing Services and Products

At every job, we provide complimentary on-site preventative maintenance and aftercare training. Because of the hotels we serve, we work with the top cleaning chemical suppliers to test and approve the ideal products to use. We want to ensure the newly-refinished tubs maintain their cleanliness and gloss. Industry-leading warranties back our work to protect your investment for years to come.

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Find out how Safe Step’s team of professionals strives to reduce impacts on revenue, as we have double the number of technicians as other providers. We will be in and out, leaving no evidence, except a gorgeous bathroom.



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Reduce Impacts on Revenue

Our team of trained professionals can complete up to 28 of your bathtubs per day. We want to help you get your rooms up and running as soon as possible. We can provide twice the amount of technicians the other guys can.

Provide Long-lasting Results

We have created products that are durable and designed to last in your commercial spaces. We have a six coat application process that, with correct care techniques, will last you up to seven years. You can stop spending money to refinish them every two years.  

Discreetly Refinish

Our team of refinishing experts are professionally dressed and quick. We will be in and out without causing any disruptions to hotel guests or hiccups in daily operations.