How Does a Hotel Bathroom Renovation Impact Guests?

Have you come across this article because you see the need to spruce up your hotel bathrooms? Are you concerned about the impact that a disruptive renovation will have on your guests? If so, then we have the information you need.

The bathtub is the main feature in your hotel bathroom. A simple alternative to freshen things up is to refinish or resurface your tub. We will also consider your bathtub resurfacing cost.

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Counting the Cost of a Hotel Bathroom Renovation

The effects of a major renovation on your hotel market penetration and net value can be found at this link. 

What follows in this article is a simple overview. Learn how a major renovation project, such as a hotel bathroom renovation, might impact your hotel, guests, and your wallet.

Your goal in undergoing large or small renovations in your hotel is to have its popularity, bookings, and revenue increase. However, a legitimate concern is that some guests may choose to avoid the hotel altogether if renovations are taking place. At the very least, you have to count the cost of a room or rooms being temporarily out of use.

Beware of Overspending

As a business person, you are rightly concerned about profits. For this reason, you need to consider your financial projections carefully when deciding whether or not to renovate. If you decide to go ahead with renovations, you must carefully consider when to do them and to what degree.

Overspending on a renovation project can quickly use up any potential financial gain. Unfortunately, most hoteliers are all too familiar with renovation projects which quickly turn into a more costly exercise than expected. Unexpected difficulties can have a huge effect on the final bill.

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Impact on Guest Experience

An important consideration is how any renovation project may impact your guests’ experience. Ask yourself honestly, how forgiving am I when I’m staying away in a hotel? If you hear the sound of power tools from another room, what is your reaction? Yes, the noise and disturbance that accompany a renovation project can quickly alienate your guests.

If you opt for a partial closure of the hotel, you are dealing with lost income. You also still risk alienating your guests that stay in your hotel during the renovations.

If you go for a full closure, you have to endure a complete suspension of turnover for the project’s duration. At least a full closure will ensure that your guests won’t be inconvenienced by noisy renovations impacting their stay negatively.

Consider the Sales and Marketing Costs

Have you budgeted for the cost of getting the message of your improvements across to potential future guests?

You can only reposition your hotel through a mix of sales, marketing, and skillful post-renovation management.


Like it or not, online reviews are the way modern guests make their reservation decisions today. You have to be prepared because any renovation you undertake will result in at least some negative reviews. It will be impossible to avoid all guest complaints if you choose to stay open during a renovation project. 

An Alternative to Bathroom Renovation

If you are considering renovating your hotel bathroom/s but don’t want the prolonged disturbance, what about replacing the bathtub? The fact is, even a simple bathtub replacement can quickly spiral out of control into an expensive bathroom remodel.

Some surprises may arise when you think about replacing your bathtub. Therefore, you should carefully consider everything involved with a full bathtub replacement before you go that route.

For example, have you considered the potential plumbing issues? You will probably find that the new tub’s plumbing doesn’t fit with the existing setup. Therefore, when you go for a complete bathtub replacement, the existing plumbing fixtures may have to be completely changed.

In the process of installing a new tub, there is always damage to flooring, tiles, and even the walls. Have you considered the replacement of all those fixtures and fittings? Not to mention the upheaval that such a project involves as well as the inconvenience.

AdobeStock 288260752Bathtub Resurfacing Cost

If you want to freshen up your hotel bathroom, you may wish to consider an alternative. What about the option of bathtub resurfacing? This treatment is also known as bathtub refinishing or bathtub reglazing. 

Having your hotel bathtub professionally resurfaced can add years of life to your existing bathtub. Hiring a professional may be only a fraction of the cost of a full tub replacement. Crucially, with tub refinishings, you also avoid the hassles and headaches of a renovation or even a tub replacement.

A professional resurface of your bathtub is low cost and low stress and will last several years. This period can be even longer with proper cleaning, care, and maintenance. The result is beautiful, spectacular, and almost indistinguishable from buying and installing a brand new tub.

How much should you budget for bathtub resurfacing costs?

By electing to have your bathtub resurfaced, you will greatly improve the overall look of your hotel bathroom. At the same time, the cost to refinish will be minimal. Bathtub resurfacing costs are hundreds of dollars rather than the tens of thousands that a renovation could cost.

Your refinishing project will leave your tub surfaces looking new, erasing any chip or crack. All with a much lower average cost in workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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