Hotel Guests Steer Clear Of Dirty Bathrooms

What do hotel guests want when they check into your hotel? Hint: It’s not dingy faucets, moldy grout, and mildewy shower curtains. They want sparkling chrome, clean mirrors, sanitized bath facilities, and everything to look – and smell – CLEAN!

It doesn’t take much of an online search to turn up disgusting images of dirty hotel rooms, disgusting hotel bathrooms, and videos that will turn you off of traveling altogether. The worst nightmare for you and your hotel is one of your rooms or bathrooms turning up in one of these searches!

Its customer service defines the travel industry. Hotel and resort businesses live (and die!) by the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of their guests. Some aspects of the guest experience have proven timeless. Today’s travelers tend to expect, among many other things, cleanliness, complimentary toiletries, proximity to business meetings or critical attractions, and a great view.

As savvy customer demands grow, though, so does the complexity of delivering an experience with which they’ll be overjoyed. At Safe Step, we want to help you elevate your guest bathrooms to make your hotel guests’ stays better. Check out our site to see examples of our work and to contact us for a quote.

The look of a guest bathroom can carry significant weight in a hotel guest’s experience. In today’s social media sharing age, this experience gets photographed, shared, and spoken about (with pictures!) many times over.


You want your hotel guests to take pictures of neat things in their hotel or brag about how impressed they were with their accommodations. Detailed care is taken, making lobbies and rooms timeless and comfortable. But the hotel guest bathroom is easily (and often) overlooked.

From a recent survey from

“When asked about the most important feature of a hotel, almost two-thirds of people surveyed (62%) named a clean bathroom. The next important feature for hotel guests is a large, comfortable bed (26% of respondents) and then the other equipment (12% of respondents)… For travelers, there are many disturbing factors in hotels that diminish the joy of a hotel stay… The bathroom is number 1 in the hotel room. If the hotel guests are satisfied with the bathroom, there is a very good chance that they will come back and recommend the hotel through social media platforms.”

So, as you can see from these results, a clean bathroom is a MUST for hotel and resort owners.


A Dingy, Dirty Bathroom Makes A Bad Impression On Hotel Guests

Some of the top search engine hospitality searches include:

  • How dirty are hotel bathtubs?
  • How dirty are hotel bathrooms?
  • How dirty are hotel bathroom floors?
  • Are hotel bathrooms clean?

There are several reasons why a less-than-impeccable bathroom makes a wrong impression on your hotel guests.

Some of these include:

  • Germophobia. This phobia isn’t even a phobia anymore. After COVID, the entire hospitality industry had to take a close look at cleaning and hygiene. And if your hotel guests can SEE the dirt, they can only imagine what they CAN’T see.
  • Not To Mention The “Ew” Factor. If they see that the cleaning staff didn’t wipe off the mirror or the shower wasn’t cleaned or looks mildewy, they’re going to assume that the rest of the bathroom was overlooked, too. And no hotel guest wants to be reminded of the guests who used the commode before they used the room!
  • Concern Over Your Brand. If you’re allowing dirty, dingy bathrooms to er, tarnish your brand image. What else is beyond your caring? Bathrooms should be routinely cleaned more frequently and thoroughly than other areas because they show the most dirt and grime. These are often the rooms that many hotel guests check first for their cleanliness.
  • Feeling Neglected. Hotel guests typically want either a “home away from home” or an “escape” when they stay in your hotel. They don’t want to walk into the bathroom and think that someone forgot to clean it or left their room off a “to-do list” somewhere. It’s essential to make each one of your guests feel like they’re the only one.

A Professionally Cleaned Bathroom Makes Hotel Guests Happy

What does a professionally cleaned bathroom look like? Smell like? Feel like?

First, the look…. Shiny!

There should be no dust, no hair, and no sticky residues, even behind the toilet and door.

Next, the smell… Free of offensive odors is a good start.

Your hotel guests shouldn’t smell anything funky, just the welcome scent of cleaners and disinfectants.

Then, the feel…

They shouldn’t be able to FEEL any residue either. If your hotel guests can run their hand over the tile and feel grit in the grout or on the tile, that is NOT a good thing.

They should only see, smell, and feel clean – everywhere they look.

This, of course, includes the tub and shower! No dinginess at the bottom of the tub. No mold or dirt in the grout surrounding and on the floor.


This Is Where Safe Step Enters The Picture…

Safe Step sees the significance of investing in the longevity of your resort or hotel. We offer several bathroom refinishing services, from the tub to the tile. All of these services will elegantly upgrade your hotel guest bathrooms while protecting them from deterioration. We have designed our treatments so your hotel or resort can avoid any full reconstruction or demolition projects. We believe that any of our bathroom refinishing services provides hotel owners with peace of mind.

Based out of Minnesota, Safe Step proudly serves hotels and resorts nationwide. We have been doing business since 2001. In that time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many big names in the hospitality field, including IHG, Marriott, Hilton Worldwide, and many more. Check out our site today to request a quote and to start your hotel guest bathroom upgrades.