Consider This Important Safety Feature: Paint-Free Anti-Slip Treatment

The life behind the scenes of a hotel practicing good safety is quite exciting. Precautions like making sure your buildings are up to code, exit signs are visible. Another touch that can be added is the Anti-Slip Treatment from Safety Step. 

This excellent treatment is versatile, long-lasting, and offers both hotel staff and guests peace of mind. It provides safety from falls and injury in any hotel area that has the possibility of a fall happening. 

Anti-Slip for ceramic tile is the perfect addition to your pool area or your bathroom.

For over twenty years, this product has been a game-changer for the hospitality industry. It is applied without interruption to operation and is a great investment for any hotel. Contact Safe Step today to request your free quote for paint-free anti-slip treatment. 

Our Why 

Safe Step has been in the business of making hotel bathrooms and pool areas safe since 2000. This journey started when our founder Mark Wallskog witnessed his daughter slip on a hotel pool deck. His daughter was fine, but it did make Mr. Wallskog ponder how other families can avoid such an experience. 

Within a year, the Anti-Slip Treatment was created.  

When guests come to hotels, there is an unspoken trust that they and their family will be kept safe. The Anti-Slip Treatment helps hoteliers to maintain that trust. 

When there is an incident at a hotel involving a slip, both the guest and hotel suffer. Obviously, your guest will suffer pain, and a stop to whatever their reason for staying was. It can also lead to them filing complaints and possibly suing the hotel and franchise. 

Online reviews serve great importance when a guest searches for hotels. A bad review due to safety concerns is disastrous. Potentially, it can drive away future guests and profit.

If an incident leads to litigation, the hit both in finance and reputation can be devastating. Not to mention the years that it typically takes to go through the legal process. The payouts from such cases can go well into the millions of dollars (U.S.). 

In spaces such as a pool or bathtub, slips are bound to happen. HUB has written a blog entry on claims filed because of slips and falls and important preventive measures. Not protecting your guests from such incidents can be grounds for neglect. 

Our Anti-Slip Treatment is an easy step to take to avoid such a catastrophe and an accusation of negligence. 

gray shower with anti slip treatment

Don’t Miss a Step 

If your hotel is like most, there cannot be one kink in the system. There are schedules to keep, rooms to clean, and events to book. There is no time to shut down or apply a surface that will take days to air out or dry. Our system has no odor or paint, so this is not an issue for us. 

The Anti-Slip Treatment goes in easily without taking a lot of time or inconveniencing your staff with construction. 

Four steps are all it takes to make your bathrooms and pool areas safe for everyone. 

  • Step One: The surface to be protected has stains and any old anti-slip installations removed.
  • Step Two: Our treatment is applied
  • Step Three: A complete and final rinse of the area is done, and it is dried off. The shower or pool area can be used immediately after! 
    • There is no odor from this treatment, and we ensure our crew cleans up once finished. 
  • Step Four: Our technician will personally educate your housekeeping staff on the cleaning and maintenance of the Anti-Slip Treatment. 

We believe in empowering your staff to know this treatment. Understanding the care measures ensures your guests continue to receive the best experience possible. 

With proper care and maintenance, the treatment will last and keep your guests safe for years to come. We stand by our product by offering an excellent warranty, should it be needed. 

You may be wondering how this system works. The Anti-Slip Treatment works by increasing friction between the surface treated, thus preventing a slippery surface. 

Other non-slip surfaces will break down over time by use, body oils, and chemicals. The breakdown of these surfaces will, in turn, make them more of a hazard than a precaution.  

woman stepping into shower

We Do Anti-Slip Treatment from Coast to Coast

Although we call Minnesota our home, we proudly serve high-end hotels nationwide. Our customers include such chains as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Best Western, and many more. 

This anti-slip treatment is great for hotels in any climate and fully exceeds safety guidelines set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This deeply respected organization is international and observes standards in over 110 countries. 

The challenge of providing a product that exceeds such a standard is one we happily meet and continue to live up to. 

Our services don’t stop at fall protection. We also offer tile, marble, and stone restoration, caulk replacement, and grout sealing. Check out our beautiful handiwork here in our bath refinishing gallery. 

You will find that a safe bathroom doesn’t have to compromise the space’s style.

No matter the size of your resort or hotel, we look to work with you to bring beauty and safety to the bathroom of your rooms. A guest bathroom may not seem so exciting. However, we know that it is one of the first places guests look to judge quality. 

When guests observe a safe and gleaming bathroom, they see themselves getting top-notch care. Your hotel may even get a great review! In a world where social media is akin to word of mouth, a good review is invaluable. 

Our humble company formed from a scary personal experience while at a hotel as a guest. Having been on both sides of the hospitality experience, we know that peace of mind is everything. We find pride in bringing safety to an industry that provides joy to so many. 

To see what we can do for you and your guests, request a quote today. We look forward to working with you and getting to know you.