Make Your Hotel Bathrooms Look Brand New with Marble Restoration

Sometimes, the smallest change can make the most significant difference. A fresh coat of paint can change the bathroom’s whole look and feel. This fact also rings true when it comes to marble restoration. Marble restoration can make a guest bathroom look and feel as if it’s brand new. 

When marble begins to show signs of aging or is damaged, the whole bathroom starts to look dated. The first thought may be to replace the bathroom or do a major remodel. At Safe Step, we believe you don’t have to make a big change to make a big difference. 

An impactful change that you can make is to restore your marble. Restoring marble instead of replacing it will save your hotel money and time. It’s also a way to give a facelift to your bathroom without significant construction. 

Fun fact: marble is not a granite stone, as many people believe. It is, in particular, a limestone, which means it is prone to scratching over time. The stone can also stain from exposure to color agents, dyes, and makeup. 

Across the United States, we have worked to make bathrooms look new by restoring marble with care. Contact us today to get a quote! 

Marble Restoration

A gorgeous bathroom after marble restoration.

As we’ve established, marble is a stone that over time can lose its luster through wear. Once the marble begins to wear and lose its protective coating, this leaves it susceptible to stains. Dark makeup, harsh and colored cleaning agents, perfumes, and other beauty products will blemish the natural stone. 

Heavy use and wear can cause damage to the stone. It can chip and break like any other stone over time.

Marble polishing and restoration is the perfect way to revitalize your bathroom space. 

Hotel and commercial bathrooms alike are cleaned often, which can also erode the coating and stone. Erosion happens even faster when abrasive materials or cloths are frequently used. 

Our system has been created to work with the natural composition of your stone to get stellar results. 

The best part about our system is that while restoring your marble’s luster we increase the coefficient of friction. Not only will your floors shine, but your guest safety will also be restored. 

When your marble floors begin to wear the protective properties of your surfaces have been compromised. There are many companies who polish marble but won’t increase the safety of the floor. Our system is created to decrease the risk of slips while bringing life back to your worn floors or counters. 

We’ll let you in on our process of restoring your marble floors or countertops to their former glory. 

  1. Preparing: Crystallizers or previous coatings are removed to reveal the natural stone. Preparing is a cleaning step that will also rid the marble of gunk and build up.
  2. Honing: Scratches are removed from the surface so that the stone is restored to a matte surface. Honing helps to remove staining and expose the natural stone, making it ready to work with.
  3. Polishing: During this step, we balance the shine with the safety of the floor by increasing the marble’s coefficient of friction. Shining floors and counters are the trademark of a luxurious and clean bathroom. 
  4. Impregnating: This critical process protects the stone from future etching and staining. Cleaning in the future will also be made easier. This step also fills in small chips and cracks. 
  5. Maintenance: We empower your staff by educating them on cleaning and maintaining your newly restored marble. Correct maintenance is especially important to keep your marble looking new and clean. 

Our technicians work diligently to serve you with as little downtime as possible. We understand that rooms must be turned over quickly and with little fuss. 

Moving Forward

Brown marble floors and counters in a hotel bathroom.

Upkeep is vital to keep restored marble floors looking brand new. Because acidic substances can corrode the marble, we advise steering clear of using vinegar or harsh cleaners.  

Soft cloths are also recommended to use when cleaning. Due to its composition, harsh cloths or sponges can scratch marble, leaving it vulnerable. 

Some contain acidic ingredients; because of this, a mild detergent or soap should be used. As we covered earlier, caustic chemicals do play a part in eroding marble. For this reason, it is vital to look over the ingredients in the cleaners being used. 

When it comes to marble cleaning Martha Stewart recommends using poultice paste to spot clean if you run into a stain while cleaning your restored marble. Poultice paste is a mixture of a liquid cleaner or chemical and an absorbent material. This is the method she suggests: 

  • Smear paste onto the stain
  • Cover with plastic wrap and secure with painter’s tape
  • Leave for 12 hours 
  • Wipe away with a clean, damp cloth 

You can repeat this method if the stain does not come up or only partially lifts. If the discoloration does not come out, let us know! We are happy to help you remove it without harming your marble. 

One final tip: If the cleaners contain a color of any kind, do a test spot to see if it stains your marble. Spot testing is especially important if your marble is a light color. 

Return on Investment 

A hotel bathroom with marble walls and floors looks beautiful after marble restoration.

Bathrooms are one of the first places in a hotel room that a guest looks to check quality. A bathroom with dull and scratched marble can seem dated subpar. The last thing we want as an industry is for guests to feel that they’re not getting a high-class experience. 

Restoring marble in your bathrooms is an absolute investment in your hotel, an investment that will have a high return. Not only cosmetically but financially as well. 

Our restorative services also include porcelain tile, granite, travertine, and other stone surfaces. All these stones can dull over time with use. 

Our techniques are adapted to each stone’s composition to get the best results possible. Our time tested methods work on marble countertops, vanities, and floors as well. 

Since 2001 we have operated out of Minnesota, serving major hotel chains nationwide. We have worked hard to see that hotels can present quality to guests where it matters. We have worked with Hilton Worldwide, Best Western, and Carlson hotels in our almost two decades of experience. 

Our services don’t stop at marble restoration! We also offer GroutSeal, paint-free anti-slip treatments, and EverSeal caulk replacement. All of these restoration services are small things that add up to significant results. 

Hotels aren’t our only customers; any of our services work beautifully to restore any commercial bathroom to a safe space. 

We at Safe Step are here to give you an option that doesn’t involve construction or closing off rooms. Contact us today to get a quote on making your bathroom look brand new. We look forward to working with you.