Maintain Your Hotel’s Natural Stone Bathroom Surfaces

Most guests have a checklist of things to look at when they see their rooms for the first time. Therefore, the natural stone that vanities and other surfaces are made of is so crucial. Natural stone surface restoration through Safe Step is a sure-fire way to keep your bathrooms up to par.

It may seem like a small detail, but updated and restored stone adds perceived value to each room. This perceived value gives guests the feeling that they are being cared for and getting their money’s worth. That feeling can result in a loyal customer who will return the next time they need a room.

We believe in providing our clients with bathrooms that are safe and offer something attractive to hotel guests. Contact us today for a quote and get the ball rolling on a great experience for your guests.

natural stone restoration

What’s So Great About The Bathroom?

Wear and tear in bathrooms is unavoidable. The bathroom is one of the most used areas of any living space, and there are often harsh chemicals used there. This treatment can be hard on the stone countertops and floors.

Daily use and frequent deep cleaning of these rooms can leave you with scratched, etched, and stained stone surfaces. The surface of the stone loses luster and can look dated and unclean. Guests will see this, and although it may seem like a small detail, it does matter.

There is a belief that everything is worth documenting in the age of social media, including hotel stays. Guests are eager to broadcast their daily lives and events to everyone they know, including travel and accommodations that they are provided.

This means the good and bad of their stays are documented and then posted for the world to see. This is just one reason that paying attention and giving care to bathrooms and stone surfaces is important.

Of course, paying attention to the bathroom is so important because it’s part of the guest experience.  In the hospitality industry, the goal is to make your guest feel taken care of and having clouded and stained stone in bathrooms is not a way to do that. A guest seeing this may believe that their bathroom is outdated and not well taken care of.

This is where Safe Step comes in.

natural stone surface restoration

Restore Your Natural Stone To Its Previous Glory

Each type of natural stone surface is unique and should be treated uniquely. We take pride in understanding how natural stone should be maintained and repaired. That knowledge empowers us to give our clients service that will last and impress guests.

There are six main types of natural stone used in countertops, vanities, floors, and the like.


Marble surfaces are quite common and typically used in higher traffic areas. Think about marble flooring, stairs, and vanities. We provide marble polishing that makes these look new.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile will get beaten up over time and can begin to look worn and dated. To ensure that it is restored to a like-new state, we repair those scratches and polish them.


Travertine is a form of limestone that is very porous. Due to that porousness, it must be thoroughly sealed. When we work with travertine, we are sure to fill any cracks, deep clean, and seal them well. It is vital that we do this well so that dirt and grime cannot get in.


Granite is commonly used in countertops in bathrooms. It is unique in the fact that it can hold stains. When working with granite countertops and other surfaces, we are diligent in removing stains and watermarks.

We also take care to fill any cracks that may have happened over time and then seal the stone properly. This step is vital to keeping the stone strong and looking great over time.


Terrazzo is a collection of other stones. This makes it a challenging stone to treat, but our professional treatment will return it to a beautiful state.


Limestone is another stone that is commonly used for its beauty and durability. Once the surface has been repaired and restored, we use a deep penetrating sealant to protect it.

Natural Stone Surface Restoration

natural stone surface restoration

Daily cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces can keep the results fresh for as long as possible. Here are some tips that we’ve picked up along the way for stone care:


Add a few drops of either mild liquid dish soap, stone soap, or a neutral cleaner to warm water. Be sure to use a clean and soft cloth and rinse the area thoroughly. Failing to do so will leave a film. Drying the stone thoroughly is also essential to keep streaking and film build-up at bay.


Use a dry dust mop daily to remove dust and debris. The mop should be clean and untreated. When mopping, be sure to use a neutral soap that is gentle to the stone on your floors.

Keeping a mat at the room’s entrance is a great strategy to keep your floors clean in between moppings. It is effective in keeping trekked in dirt and dust from entering the room.

Baths and showers  

Minimize the build-up of soap scum by using a squeegee daily. If you notice soap scum, clean it using a non-acidic soap scum remover. Ammonia has also been suggested for soap scum, but using it too frequently can dull the stones it’s used on.

Great Work = Great Results

For over 20 years, it has been our passion to help hotels elevate their bathrooms and wet areas. We repair and restore the many types of stone, making them safe and beautiful for guests to stay in and feel cared for.

Our team of experts works diligently to train your staff in stone maintenance so they can maintain the areas they’ve worked in. This allows for the restored floors, countertops, and vanities to preserve their beauty for as long as possible.

Professional stone restoration is not the only service we provide! We also offer expert service in :

  • Hotel bathroom refinishing
  • Paint-free anti-slip treatment
  • Everseal caulk replacement
  • Grout seal

Call us today for a quote and to begin natural stone surface restoration in your bathrooms.