Safe Step’s Paint-Free Anti-Slip Treatment

Slips and falls are leading causes of injury in hotels and resorts today. The majority of these incidents occur in the bathroom as a result of slippery or grimy surfaces. Over time, the anti-slip treads manufactured into the bottom of hotel bathtubs or showers become ineffective. The etch pattern becomes stained with foot dirt, body oils, cleaning chemicals, and disinfectants that polymerize onto the safety pattern causing an unsightly grey stain and rendering the anti-slip texture ineffective.

Safe Step’s Paint-Free Anti-Slip Treatment leaves hotel bathroom surfaces stunningly clean and remarkably safe. Our technicians are trained to perform anti-slip treatments meticulously and efficiently without displacing hotel guests or disrupting bookings. 

Revitalize your hotel’s bathtubs and secure the safety of your customers with Safe Step’s signature Anti-Slip Treatment.

The Hospitality Industry’s Leading Paint Free Anti-Slip Solution

Safe Step’s Anti-Slip Treatment is fast and effective. The process can be completed in occupied guestrooms without displacing guests or interfering with staff. Without the need to schedule around our services, hotels are able to maximize revenue while improving their guests’ safety. 

No Downtime, No Lost Revenue!

Safe Step’s technicians are trained to perform anti-slip treatments meticulously and efficiently without displacing hotel guests or disrupting bookings. We coordinate with housekeeping to complete our services while the room isn’t occupied. Best yet, the Safe Step Paint-Free Anti-Slip treatment is completely odorless, meaning that rooms are ready to use immediately after being serviced.

Great For Pool Decks, Tile Flooring, & More!

Countless public tiled areas and pool decks in hotels are exposed to wet conditions from time to time. Safe Step’s Anti-Slip Treatment is engineered to increase the coefficient of friction on surfaces both in and outside of the bathroom. Safe Step technicians have performed anti-slip treatments on hotel pool decks, tile flooring, outdoor stone floors and staircases, and much more! Tile or stone surfaces that become slippery from time to time can also be addressed using Safe Step’s Anti-Slip Treatment.

bathtub refinishing

Improve aesthetics and guests safety with our comprehensive bathtub resurfacing and restoration services.


Enjoy 5+ years of beautiful grout lines in your hotel bathroom

paint free

Paint Free Anti-Slip Treatment

Ensure the safety of guests and restore bathtubs and showers to their original brilliance with our
signature Anti-Slip Treatment.

stone marble

Restore shine and protect bathroom surfaces from future scuffs with our tile, stone, and marble restoration services!

stone marble

Enjoy 5+ years of beautiful grout lines in your hotel bathroom

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Enjoy stunningly beautiful bathroom caulking in your hotel for 5+ years guaranteed!

We ensure safety and sustainability on each project by:

  • Training our professional staff.
    Providing our employees with proper knowledge and training through the Safe Step AWAIR Health & Safety Program and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Using environmentally-responsible materials.
    We work with vendors and partners who provide quality materials with a low environmental impact. All materials meet local and federal regulations
  • Disposing of waste materials responsibly.
    Committing to a Disposable Waste Program in which all materials are properly transported and disposed of through a certified third-party.
  • Coaching our employees on guest interactions.
    Coaching our employees on courteous and professional guest interaction and providing all necessary documentation and certifications.

Safe Step Uses Environmentally Conscious Low VOC Paint

Safe Step is proud to be using low volatile organic compound (Low VOC) paint at all job sites. What’s the difference between traditional paint and Low VOC paint?
Simple, Low VOC contains fewer than 50 grams of volatile organic compounds found in conventional paint. Low VOC is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce as much harmful gas as traditional paint.
Safe Step provides our customers with a fantastic remodeling experience for their hotel while also being environmentally conscious. 

Safe Step’s Bathroom Refinishing Services and Products

At every job, we provide complimentary on-site preventative maintenance and aftercare training. Because of the hotels we serve, we work with the top cleaning chemical suppliers to test and approve the ideal products to use. We want to ensure the newly-refinished tubs maintain their cleanliness and gloss. Industry-leading warranties back our work to protect your investment for years to come.

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Find out how Safe Step’s team of professionals strives to reduce impacts on revenue, as we have double the number of technicians as other providers. We will be in and out, leaving no evidence, except a gorgeous bathroom.



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Reduce Impacts on Revenue

Our team of trained professionals can complete up to 28 of your bathtubs per day. We want to help you get your rooms up and running as soon as possible. We can provide twice the amount of technicians the other guys can.

Provide Long-lasting Results

We have created products that are durable and designed to last in your commercial spaces. We have a six coat application process that, with correct care techniques, will last you up to seven years. You can stop spending money to refinish them every two years.  

Discreetly Refinish

Our team of refinishing experts are professionally dressed and quick. We will be in and out without causing any disruptions to hotel guests or hiccups in daily operations.