Prepare Your Hotel Baths for the Growing Demand of Extended-Stays

The demand for extended stays is on the rise in the hospitality industry. Both the mid-scale and up-scale extended stay hotels have seen an increase in demand. Mid-scale has seen an 8.4 percent increase, while the up-scale has seen a 5.1 percent increase.

While the hospitality industry continues to meet the demand for more extended-stays during this new season of travel, now more than ever, it is crucial to keep hotel guests safe and in a clean and bacteria-free environment.

Bathrooms are a large source of guest bacteria, high traffic use, and frequently touched surfaces. Safe Step will help you prepare for the uptick in extended-stay guests by preparing your tubs or showers for high and frequent use with an anti-microbial and anti-slip bathtub treatment. Request a quote today.

clean hotel shower
Transparent glass bathroom with shower and WC in contemporary style contemporary. 3D render.

Increasing Demands for Extended-Stays

Many reasons are driving the demand for extended-stays. One of the contributing current events is the number of natural disasters on the rise, such as uncontained wildfires and flooding, and extreme storms from hurricanes. These events create an urgent demand for people to lodge for an extended period.

There are other demographics that encourage extended-stay traffic to hotels.

  • Independent and freelance workers: More than 20% of the workforce is now finding employment through short-term work and paying for lodging. Many of these individuals are value-savvy and look for affordable ways to provide a future for themselves and their families.
  •  New company growth: While large businesses still drive most of our economy, we see more growth from smaller and medium-sized companies. Many of these companies are sending employees on short training stints or relocations.
  • Project workers: There is a high demand for construction crews for housing while they are on the job updating older infrastructures. Or for the government and the military who are often seeking lodging for temporary assignments.

Preparing for the Booming Demand

Guest safety is a top priority within the hospitality industry, and anti-microbial bathtub treatments are one way to meet guest expectations. Increasing demand for extended-stays put bathrooms to the test. Ensure your bathrooms are up to standards before you experience the increasing demand.

Safe Step will refresh your bathrooms to ensure that they are ready for the increase in hotel guest use. To best protect your guests’ Safe Step offers an anti-microbial and anti-slip bathtub treatment that promotes a safe and hygienic environment.

Why You Need an Anti-slip Treatment

Slips are the most costly accident in the hospitality industry and the leading causes of injury.

An average of 35% of insurance claims come from slips, trips, and falls. The average cost is roughly $50,000 to the property if an injury takes place. Safe Step’s paint-free anti-slip treatment is the trusted solution for preventing falls in tubs or on wet hotel surfaces.

Over time, the anti-slip treads manufacturers place on the bottom of the hotel bathtubs and showers become ineffective. The original etch pattern becomes dirty and stained from the bottom of guests’ feet, skin cells and body oils, soap scum, and cleaning products. All of which combine and polymerize over time to create unsightly grey staining on tub or shower bottoms and a hazard to guest safety.

Our Anti-slip Process:

  • Our professional technicians will remove all polymerized stains, ineffective etch patterns, and worn out anti-slip adhesives.
  • Application of Safe Step Anti-slip treatment begins. We bring tub and shower surfaces up to or exceed ASTM requirements. (the minimum coefficient of friction (COF) for tub bottoms is 0.60 or higher)
  • After one last rinse and dry, your bath or shower is ready for use. There’s no downtime.
  • A team member from Safe Step will train the housekeeping staff to properly care for and clean the surface to keep it slip-resistant and stain-free for many years.

We work closely with housekeeping to ensure your bathrooms are maintained while they are unoccupied. The Anti-Slip Treatment is completely odor-free, which means once completed, the room is ready for new occupancy. With no downtime and no lost revenue, you can ensure that your long-term guests are in a pristine and safe, slip-free bathroom.

Why You Need an Anti-microbial Bathtub Treatment

clean hotel shower

More than ever, it is essential for hotel bathrooms to be clean and bacteria-free. Safe Step uses an anti-microbial bathtub treatment with patented Sterlion technology as an additive to help keep your bathtubs, showers, and tile surfaces bacteria-free.

Sterlion uses tested and proven silver ion technology to protect surfaces from the harmful effects of bacteria. Your surfaces will remain protected for the lifetime of the coating.

Sterlion silver ion technology protects surfaces from bacteria in three ways:

  1. It binds to the cell walls to inhibit any new bacterial growth or mold growth
  2. It interrupts the DNA production of new bacteria cells to prevent them from replicating
  3. Stops the cells from producing energy by interrupting the production of new enzymes

We will inspect the tubs for any chips or cracks on the surfaces and repair any visible blemishes then once your surfaces are etched and prepared with the anti-slip treatment. We paint your tubs with three coats of high-quality epoxy primer and three coats of durable acrylic urethane paint. Topcoats contain the anti-microbial bathtub treatment.

Your refinished bacteria-free tub is guaranteed to last up to 15,000 cleanings. Rest assured your guests are in a clean environment that is up to hospitality standards, containing the industry’s leading technology.  When you redo bathtubs or showers with an anti-slip and anti-microbial bathtub treatment, you are investing in the future well-being and safety of your hotel guests.

Contact Safe Step to request a quote to refresh your bathrooms for the incoming guests.