The Importance of Professional Grout Sealing Services for Your Hotel

In this COVID era, hotel customers are more discerning about hygiene than ever. Research shows that customers are thinking about how often the duvet is aired and what germs are on the TV remote control. Professional grout sealing is crucial to making the right first impression when they enter your hotel bathrooms.

Grout can be a problem area in many hotels. It takes the daily wear and tear of regular use and professional cleaning with harsh chemicals. Gaps and cracks can quickly appear and be a nightmare to resolve. 

This is a job that needs more than just the hotel maintenance crew’s attention. You need professional grout sealing performed by a specialist company. Safe Step is here to make that happen for your hotel – contact us today for a quote.

Let’s explore further exactly why grout sealing is a job you need to leave to the experts.

Hotel Grout Challenges

When your grout and tile are brand new, the effect is fantastic. There’s nothing quite like walking into a dazzling clean bathroom. Brand new fixtures and professionally installed tile pop.

The grout gleams and is the glue that holds this high-end finish together. But in your professional experience, how long does that last?

Once the guests start rolling in, the abuse for the grout begins. First, it has to contend with potentially several showers a day. Not only is the action of the water wearing it away, so are the surfactants in body wash and shampoo.

Daily housekeeping comes along, and they do their best to keep the grout as clean as possible. Cleaning the grout might involve a little light scrubbing, some chemical cleaners – can you see the picture we’re building here?

Even in domestic settings, grout is quick to dry out and start cracking. In hotels, it’s even worse. 

Close up of mold/mildew in the corner of a tub with blue/green tiles

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are two enemies of hotel housekeeping crews. They can develop quickly, are very unsightly, and are virtually impossible to remove.

Grout is especially prone to developing mold. Mold is a part of life – it’s everywhere in the air we breathe, and we can’t escape from it. But it will seek out and multiply in damp and poorly ventilated areas – places such as bathrooms.

That’s why so many of us, whether at home or in hotels, do battle with mold on a regular basis. Add to that the fact that grout is naturally porous, making it the ideal environment for mold to develop.

The fact is there is no easy solution once it’s taken hold. Some chemicals merely remove the appearance of mold but do not remove the actual mold itself. The best solution is never to get it in the first place.

Once grout lines in ceramic tiles appear, it’s visually offputting, and it’s a pain to keep clean. In order to keep all types of tiles looking their best, you need to have an excellent grout sealant in place. 

Why Your Hotel Needs Professional Grout Sealing

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

No matter how hard your housekeeping and maintenance crew work, they can only work with the materials in place. If you do not protect your grout with professional grout sealing, no amount of cleaning will keep it looking good.

Graphic of increasing number of stars with check boxes to the left, the 5 start check box checked, and the word "RATING" at the top

Why You Need Professionals

Your hotel maintenance crew has a massive job on its hands – to keep all the systems in the hotel running well at all times.

They’ve got expertise in a vast range of systems and no doubt have a packed schedule! Working with a professional grout sealing company frees up your maintenance crew for other projects.

Professional grout installation is both a science and an art. Our finished grout finishes are things of beauty if we do say so ourselves. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craft.

Safe Step works with resorts and hotels across the country day in, day out. We have seen every issue you can imagine, and we know the art of cleaning and sealing grout so that it looks good for years. 

In fact, at Safe Step, we’re so confident in the grout sealing service we offer that we will guarantee our grout seal for five years. 

To seal your grout successfully, you need to know the right types of grout sealer for tile floors and ceramic wall tiles. You also need to have the skills to apply it safely and in an esthetically pleasing way.

An assortment of personal protection equipment displayed on a gray background, including vinyl gloves, earplug, safety glasses, and respirator mask

Training and Safety 

At Safe Step, we take the safety of our colleagues very seriously. Our employees are thoroughly trained through our Safe Step AWAIR Health & Safety Program. They all wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times. Their training includes working safely to avoid damage to your fittings and premises.

Kind to the Environment

We work with vendors and partners who supply us with environmentally-responsible materials. We comply strictly with both local and federal regulations. We have all of these relationships in place – there’s no need for you to source these materials yourself. 

We also ensure that all our materials are transported and disposed of responsibly. 

The Human Touch

We believe that excellent customer service is a vital part of our offering. We don’t just pride ourselves on producing exceptional bathroom finishes. We also take pride in courteous and helpful communication with our valued clients.

We provide you with all the necessary documentation and certificates for your job. We also offer training and recommend cleaning products to keep your grout looking tip-top for as long as possible. 

Hotel bathroom with a white sink under a circular mirror on a blue tile wall and two white terry robes hanging to the left

Trust Safe Step with Your Hotel Grout Sealing Project

Would you like to ensure that your hotel grout looks incredible for years to come? Don’t take a chance. Call in a professional grout sealing company, and get grout that will look great for years!

You can trust Safe Step with your grout sealing project. Our Groutsealz system will seal your grout and keep it looking great for a minimum of five years. We’ll also provide complimentary preventative maintenance and aftercare training.

Let Safe Step protect your grout! Call us today at 952.229.8282 or contact us online for a quote.