Refinishing vs. Replacing Hotel BathTubs

Give Your Hotel Bathtubs a Brand-New Look

A spacious hotel bathroom with a refinished hotel bathtub.

Is It Better Customer Relations to Refinish or Replace Your Hotel Bathtubs?

A hotel room bathtub experience can decide whether a customer returns to a particular hotel. Hotel owners know that the expense it takes to renovate or fully replace tubs in luxury hotels is well worth it in that customers are more apt to return when they know a beautiful tub is waiting in their hotel bath.

Why Refinish Your Hotel Bathtub

A hotel bathtub

The main reason to refinish over replacing hotel bathtubs is cost. The process of revitalizing your tubs, whether clawfoot tubs, conventional or extra-large soaking tub, is less expensive than purchasing brand-new pieces. 

When a tub begins to lose its shine or areas of the original coat begin to wear away, it is time to call Safe Step for professional restoration. 

If you’re concerned about fumes or odors, you should know that Safe Step uses low volatile organic compound (Low VOC) paint at all job sites. Low VOC is friendly to the environment, and it doesn’t produce the amount of harmful gas traditional paint does. 

Workers will do their best not to disturb guests and work when most guests are out of their rooms.

Refinishing the surface of the tubs means you will have a fresh, shiny surface in less time with a smaller chunk taken out of your budget. Call Safe Step today for a free estimate on revitalizing all of your hotel bathtubs.

When to Replace Your Oversized or Other Hotel Room Tub

A hotel bathroom with a large white tub.

New is often the choice of hotel managers and owners when remodeling the hotel bathrooms if the whole suite is being redone. Most hotel guests longing for a relaxing bubble bath love the idea that they are soaking in a new or practically brand-new bathtub.

However, replacing a whole oversize tub will generally cost more than refinishing materials and labor to do the job. Your budget and time frame are the main deciding factors on your decision to have your hotel tubs revitalized by reglazing or to replace them.

Regardless of which method you choose, be it replacing or reglazing, you can choose to do one bathtub at a time or multiple tubs. Replacing versus reglazing also gives you the option of putting in a whole new style or shape of tub in the hotel room. This could be a way to shake up an older hotel and give it a fresh feel. The extent to which you change the hotel bathroom depends on how much overall renovation you choose to have done.

Safe Step is more than 50% woman-owned, and women, in general, are the main users of hotel tubs. The more relaxing, the better, and the more chance of returning customers. Safe Step is well-known for our work on hotel tubs, and our work in refurbishing is impressive among similar companies.

Refinishing a hotel bath in a manner that has customers going back for more says something about the quality of our craft. Call Safe Step today for a free estimate and talk to one of our qualified employees about revitalizing your hotel bathtubs.