Problems with Hotel Bathtub Resurfacing? Here’s Your Answers

A refinished bathtub is nearly indistinguishable from a brand new bathtub. Refinishing your tubs saves your hotel thousands of dollars in the process. Yet, sometimes in refinishing a guest bathroom, the job is either left incomplete or done improperly. 

Not every job is done well, and not every person who refinishes a bathtub is a professional. It is essential to keep a watchful eye on the products used in your space and the quality of the refinishing job. 

Safe Step uses top of the line products in the refinishing process. We also have our professionals go through extensive training on the proper techniques and procedures. Contact Safe Step if you have any questions or to receive your refinishing quote

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Help! My Resurfaced Bathtub is Already Showing Wear

Did you have your hotel bathrooms refinished only for the bathtubs to start showing wear faster than you expected? There are several reasons why a resurfaced area can begin to show too much wear and tear before the expected life expectancy. 

The top reasons you see early wear signs are low-quality products, inexperience, and incorrect application process. 

When a professional uses low-quality paint and finishes, it will be apparent in the coating’s overall durability. A lack of experience and skill level will show in the tubs finish through thin layers of finish and incorrect product ratios. 

The application process is crucial when refinishing a bathtub. There should be no missed steps or shortcuts. If a refinishing crew skips or misses steps, you will see this in the finished product. The final results will have you unsatisfied and looking for solutions sooner than you should.

Keep an eye out for these prevalent problems in your resurfaced tub

1. Fading Finish

A finish can fade if the coating is mixed too thinly. Incorrect solvent ratios during the application process and lack of curing times can also cause fading. Another culprit of a fading finish is the use of unauthorized and abrasive cleaners. 

When you mix the coating too thinly, the original tub surface can show through. If the tub has not cured for the proper amount of time, the new layer will come off with water and will cause fading. 

When your finish fails you will find that your bathtub will be prone to chips or cracks in the paint. They allow water to get under the paint and ruin the surface.  

Abrasive and harsh chemicals will eventually ruin the finish of your resurfaced tub. Powdered cleaners such as Comet, Ajax, and Barkeepers Friend will sand the gloss off your tubs overtime. Through continual use, they cause fading and leave the tub susceptible to unattractive stains. 

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Hire Safe Step – we use superior products and have proper training in correct ratios and application techniques. We will spend adequate time training your staff on how to care for your surface. 

We also will provide you with literature that contains your maintenance instructions. In addition, our website has valuable resources to assist.

2. Sticky Residue on Finish

If there is a sticky or tacky feeling after the 24-hour curing time, it indicates that the coating did not cure properly. The residue in your finish will mean that the tub will need to be resprayed. 

Rest assured that this is not a common occurrence. A sticky residue only happens if the professional is untrained in mixing techniques and product ratios. If this happens to you, remain calm and keep from touching the surface of the tub. Keep the tub from getting wet.

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Wait two days before reaching out to the company. Give the surface enough time to dry. If the tub still has a sticky residue, call the company so they can come out and fix it. They should have warranties on any quality issues. 

3. Textured Finish

A rough texture is one of the most commonly seen problems. Your resurfaced bathtub should feel smooth to the touch. If it feels pointy, uneven, or has a sandpaper feel, it can indicate that the surface was not cleaned or appropriately sanded.

A textured finish does not apply to a non-slip surface applied. We highly recommend using it in the basin of your tub. 

It is important to note, the most common cause of a rough texture is dust and debris getting caught between the coatings.

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Watch to ensure that they are sanding and cleaning the surface between the applications of coatings. It is impossible to ensure that a bathroom is a virtually dust-free environment. 

Slight imperfections can appear during the curing process, but they should never be glaring or cause any discomfort. If you do spot dust after the full curing time, try cleaning the tub per the professionals cleaning recommendations.

4. Bubbling Finish

If there is air between the layers of coatings, it can cause bubbles to form. They can also develop from a solvent reaction. A solvent reaction occurs when a new coating is reacting to the old one. 

You will need to strip the bathtub of an old resurfacing job before a new coating is applied. Stripping the tub of any old paint is a crucial step in the resurfacing process. Remove the old layers to ensure the new coating will bond correctly with the original surface. 

Typical evidence of a previously refinished tub will be peeling or chipping paint, especially around the drains. 

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Hire a company that knows the correct methods when it comes to bathtub resurfacing. Stripping the old finish is a crucial step in the process and should be discussed with your bathtub refinishing professionals. Avoid getting water on your newly refinished surface; allow it to cure for the full twenty-four hours.

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When Problems Arise, Give us a Call

Unfortunately, there are people who market themselves as professionals. They don’t have the correct experience or training. Some even purchase a DIY refinishing kit over the counter at home improvement stores. 

Products are often not engineered to last in commercial spaces. When you choose your refinishing company, ensure they’re using top of the line products that are guaranteed to provide your hotel with longevity. 

Safe Step is here to help and can correct mistakes. Contact us with any questions or for your quote.