What’s the ROI for Bathtub Refinishing?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, or in this particular case, the tarnished tub in your bathroom. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel room that has an old and grimy-looking tub in the bathroom. Even a charming cast-iron tub loses its vintage appeal if it becomes discolored and scarred.

To fix that problem and get your tub refinished is going to require an investment. Is bathtub refinishing worth it?

The purpose of this article is to discuss:

  1. Why refinishing your original bathtub is preferable to a replacement.
  2. The return that you can expect on your bathtub reglazing investment.
  3. How you can maximize that ROI with proper care for your refinished tub.

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Why Refinishing Your Bathtub Is Preferable To a Bathtub Replacement

It is good to compare the available options when you are looking into bathroom home improvement. These include the choice between either refinishing or replacing your tub. Let’s talk about the benefits of refinishing over replacing your bathtub.

Refinishing your bathtub (bathtub resurfacing) is a much more cost-effective option than replacing your bathtub completely. Replacing your bathtub involves more than the cost of a new bathtub. Replacing the bathtub can quickly become expensive as the full extent of the project gradually becomes clear.

You should also be aware that you also need to replace the fixtures once you replace your tub. Once you replace the tub, you may soon find yourself installing new plumbing, replacing tiles, and even new drywall. 

In addition to the direct financial outlay, there is also the length of time that the project will take. As a hotelier, you know that your profits depend on rooms being available. Therefore, the loss of income resulting from an out-of-commission room can quickly mount up and affect your financial projections negatively. 

On the other hand, you might choose to refinish your hotel bathtub instead of replacing it completely. The work will be greatly simplified, and the total cost to you will be greatly reduced. For example, you won’t need to worry about expensive and time-consuming renovations involving the wall tiles or replacing the plumbing.

With the refinishing option, the total project and repair process is relatively fast. The time needed for professional tub refinishing plus post-application ventilation will usually only take a couple of days. 

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What Return Can You Expect on Your Bathtub Refinishing Investment?

This is admittedly an ambitious subheading since the return on your bathtub refinishing investment can’t be calculated precisely. The question’s intent is to consider some factors that will demonstrate how quickly you will recoup your modest investment. First, let’s consider potential costs vs. potential income.

Your initial costs 

  • By having your bathtub refinished instead of replaced, your outlay will be minimal. The project will cost you hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands that a bathtub replacement would set you back.
  • Your room will be unavailable for booking only for a very short time (a maximum of a couple of days.) Your lost revenue will be minimal.

Income from the project – (Intangibles)

  • How do you measure the ROI regarding customer satisfaction that results from their delight at your stunning, brand-new-looking shiny bathtub? It will likely mean repeat bookings, and in the best-case scenario, it could help secure a lifelong, loyal hotel guest.
  • The power of positive online reviews should never be underestimated. On the flip side, negative reviews can do a lot of damage. Your investment will help to maximize the positive reviews and minimize the negative ones.

Maximizing Your Investment Through Proper Care and Maintenance

At every job, Safe Step provides complimentary on-site preventative maintenance and aftercare training. But here are some basic, general care and maintenance tips that can help you to maximize your bathtub refinishing investment.

Once you are the proud owner of a freshly refinished bathtub, how do you clean and maintain it? The important thing is to avoid going back to the scarred, faded tub that you had before the refinishing process. Improper cleaning and carelessness can soon result in the degradation of the surface once again.

You can easily prevent that from happening. Clean your tub regularly and with mild, non-abrasive cleaners and a non-abrasive cleaning cloth or sponge. It is good to use a cleaning product that does not have a high acidic content. The gentle cleanser of your choice will be more effective if you don’t wipe it off right away. 

  • After rinsing the tub thoroughly, apply your cleaning solution liberally. Allow it to sit on the surface for a while to give it time to do its work.
  • Now scrub your tub carefully, being sure not to use an abrasive sponge (a microfiber cloth is ideal).
  • Thoroughly rinse the tub again and make sure that no trace of your cleaning solution remains.
  • Finish by wiping the tub dry, be sure to use a non-abrasive cloth or towel.

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After considering the information in this article, it should be apparent that refinishing your bathtub has considerable advantages. It can save you a tub-load of time, mess, inconvenience, expense, and lost income.

It should be evident that your modest investment will quickly pay for itself, and you will see a substantial return. After all, the hotel industry is all about the guest experience and customer loyalty. Refinishing your bathtubs can enhance the guest experience.

When it comes to your bathtub refinishing project, you can have total peace of mind when using Safe Step. 

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