Keep Your Guests Coming Back with Spotless Grout and Tile

Making a great first impression on hotel guests is hard. If your bathrooms are dingy and your grout is moldy, it becomes even more difficult. Hotel grout and tile can be a big turn-off for your guests, but it doesn’t have to be. With Safe Step grout and tile restoration services, you can make sure that your grout lines are clean and white again, making a great impression on your guests and giving that spa-like feeling and cleanliness your guests expect.

The Safe Step Process for Grout and Tile Restoration

A shower with dirty and moly grout that is due for grout and tile restoration.

Our professionally trained staff can quickly and efficiently restore your bathrooms to create more appealing bathrooms in the shortest amount of time. Grout and tile restoration services give you a bathroom that looks brand new with little to no downtime at all.

The Safe Step process for grout and tile restoration includes the following steps:

  • Removing any excess dirt from the area before restoration
  • Cleaning dirty and discolored grout on and below the surface with environmentally responsible materials
  • Replacing chipped or missing grout
  • Applying grout sealant, if needed
  • Optional bathtub refinishing with anti-slip treatment to keep your guests safe

The Safe Step restoration process will give your hotel bathrooms that extra impact on your guests and keeps them coming back. Get started by contacting Safe Step for a free quote.

Restoration vs. Renovation

Gray tiles going through grout and tile restoration

We get it. Your hotel bathrooms have aged and have seen better days. Your initial reaction might be to rip them out and start fresh.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Restoration can give your hotel bathrooms a facelift without the expense of complete renovations.

Why not a complete renovation? Renovations not only take long periods of time but are expensive. By the time you factor in design plans, permits, materials, labor costs, and down-time for each hotel room, it quickly becomes evident that a total bathroom renovation isn’t affordable or cost-effective – especially if we’re talking large-scale.

Restoration is a necessary process for giving your hotel bathrooms a facelift without the expense of complete renovations. Grout and tile renovation with bathroom refinishing can restore your bathrooms to their “glory days,” making them appear brand new without the exorbitant expense of complete renovations.

Full-Service Restoration

White dubway tiles in a hotel shower with dark colored grout.

At Safe Step, we provide expert full-service restoration. We are grouting experts and tiling specialists. We can restore any bathroom, regardless of age or wear and tear, to look brand new. Our complete range of services include:

  • Grout sealing to bring back the shine and make all future cleaning quicker and easier
  • Restoration of tile, marble, and stone to repair scuff marks and make it shine like new once again,
  • Bathtub refinishing; with surface and color restoration, as well as our integrated non-slip diamond treatment
  • Caulk removal and replacement to seal and protect your new grout and prevent mold and mildew

The Benefits of Hiring Safe Step to Restore Your Hotel Grout and Tiles

A technician completing grout and tile restoration in a hotel bathroom.

It’s no secret that tile and grout restoration is essential for hotels. But, with all the many grout and tile restoration services out there, how do you choose?

At Safe Step, we have a grout and tile restoration process that will be the best option for your hotel. Here’s why:

  • We provide all the services you need, including tile, stone, and marble restoration, grout sealing, bathroom refinishing, bathtub anti-slip treatment, and caulk replacement.
  • Our project managers and technicians are professionally trained to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently without disturbing your guests.
  • No downtime. There’s no need to stop booking rooms.
  • No hidden costs. We stand by our and honor our quotes.
  • Highly-trained crews located around the country.
  • Speed and efficiency in completing the restoration quickly
  • Ensured staff and client safety
  • Proper cleaning procedures are taught to the client to extend the lifespan of the restoration
  • Use of environmentally friendly chemicals to protect the environment from harmful waste

You place the highest priority on the satisfaction of your guests. You are our highest priority. We treat you as such every step of the way by giving you the services you need and deserve.

How Much Does Grout and Tile Restoration Cost?

Shiny gray tiles on a bathroom floor.

When pricing grout and tile restoration jobs, Safe Step takes into account different factors.

Some of the factors Safe Step considers when pricing a job are:

  • Size of the job – how many bathrooms need restoration
  • Services needed 
  • Complete restoration for every bathroom or a customized as-needed basis
  • Time frame for completion

Considering these factors makes it nearly impossible to give prices without an on-site visit and inspection. Not to mention providing accurate quotes. At Safe Step, we want to give you an accurate quote, so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises during the restoration project. 

How do I get started with a Safe Step Grout and Tile Restoration Project?

Your first step to restoring the tile and grout in your hotel is visiting us online and requesting a quote.

One of our trained professionals will contact you for an informative, no-pressure call. It’s our priority to understand your business needs, potential issues, and budget. Once a clear understanding of your needs is established, we’ll finalize a budget, timeline, and schedule that works seamlessly for your business.

Stop Losing Money

A refinished tile vanity on a sink in a hotel bathroom.

Dingy, moldy grout and tile are costing you money. Guests see grout lines that need attention and will make a note of that when considering coming back.

With Safe Step grout and tile restoration, you can give your bathrooms a facelift without the expense of complete renovations. Our professionally trained staff will restore your grout to create more appealing bathrooms in the shortest amount of time with the minimal amount of guest inconvenience.

We offer the most comprehensive grout and tile restoration services in the industry. Contact our bathroom renovation experts online to schedule an estimate and start “wowing” your guests.