When Is It Time to Restore The Surface of Your Hotel Baths?

When you run a hotel, you have a lot on your to-do list. You need to hire friendly staff and make sure the amenities like the hotel spa are well taken care of. And of course, you need to make sure your rooms look clean and tidy for guests.

But what do you do when your hotel baths aren’t looking as new as they used to be? Do you assure guests that they’re clean and are just old?

The good news is that these issues can be resolved by refinishing the tubs. Read on to learn when it’s time to refinish your hotel’s bathtubs.


A chipped white hotel bathtub.

Chipping refers to any paint that appears to be missing from the tub’s finish. This happens because of small scrapes and bumps that occur every time someone uses the tub. It’s a slow process that occurs over years of heavy usage.

While it’s a normal sign of use, people don’t necessarily like having that reminder when they stay in a hotel. It might make them think that the building is old and unsanitary. Your guests should never be concerned about this in your hotel.

Not to mention it’s not pretty. You want your hotel to leave a good impression on your guests. They should be so impressed by it that they want to stay there again.

So if your hotel’s bathtubs have a lot of chips in the finish, then it’s time to get them refinished. Ensure your tubs look good as new for all of your guests. making your guests happy with their stay.

It’s exactly the kind of thing that leaves an excellent impression on your guests. They’ll feel safe and clean in your hotel when the bathtub looks nice. That’s the key to getting guests to come back time and time again.


A hotel bathtub with rust stains and discoloration.

Most hotels choose a white bathtub for their rooms. It’s a standard color that makes it easy to see any dirt or stains on the finish and makes cleaning easier for your staff.

Unfortunately, that bright white color doesn’t last forever. It starts to fade or discolor, leaving a less attractive yellow color.

Fading happens because of the bright lights in the bathroom. The constant usage by guests means physical pressure and water will damage the paint finish over time.

When guests see this, it tells them that the building hasn’t been updated in a while, leaving them to wonder what else in the hotel hasn’t kept up.

And just like the chips in the finish, this discoloration isn’t pretty to see. That’s not the impression that you want to give your guests. They might question the age, safety, and security of your building. They may not return to stay at your hotel the next time that they’re in town. 

Your guests want to see that you care about your hotel and its guests. They want to feel safe and clean while they’re staying with you. A discolored bathtub isn’t going to leave that impression.

So when your bathtubs are starting to look more yellow than white, it’s time to get them refinished. Keep your hotel looking good as new.


A dirty, dull, hotel bath

A major sign of a new or freshly cleaned bathtub is the shine. It may not be a metallic or reflective shine, but a tub should be shiny when the lights are on. 

This is something that most people usually don’t think about too much. However, it’s definitely noticed when it’s not there. A bathtub that doesn’t shine indicates that it wasn’t cleaned properly or that it’s old.

Again, this isn’t the impression you want to give your guests. They want to know that their bathtub was properly cleaned after the last guest left. A shiny tub makes them feel safe and clean in your hotel when they arrive.

But dullness can also be a sign of age. The tub has been used constantly for years. It has people stepping in it and running water over it every day. 

Then the staff comes in and cleans it between guests. They spray cleaners and scrub each tub. 

A thorough cleaning is a good thing. It makes sure the room is sanitary for the next guest, and it makes the tub look shiny again since it removes any soap residue left behind by the last guest.

However, that doesn’t last very long. Each scrub lightly scratches some of that nice shiny finish. Over time, this causes the tub to look dull no matter how well it’s cleaned.

That’s when you know it’s time to refinish your hotel’s bathtubs. Our process gets them shining like new again, so your guests know that it’s perfectly clean for them to use. They won’t be concerned about a faded and dull tub secretly being dirty.

Difficulty Cleaning

Someone wearing a purple cleaning glove and cleaning a hotel bath.

On that subject, there might be another reason your tub looks dull. It might still have some soap residue stuck in the finish.

Remember, every time someone uses or cleans the tub, it gets small light scratches in the finish. These scratches start to get deeper over time. The scratches make the tub look less shiny, but they also make it harder to clean.

These small scratches are crevices that soap residue sits in. At first, this isn’t a problem since brushes can clean it out just fine. However, this slowly makes the scratch deeper and harder to clean.

Over time, sponges and brushes won’t reach into those crevices. This leaves a small amount of soap residue behind that slowly gets worse over time.

To start with, this becomes unsanitary. It’s not safe for guests to be using bathtubs that can’t be cleaned well.

So if your staff starts complaining about how difficult it is to clean the bathtubs, you might want to listen. It’s a sign that it’s time to get your bathtubs refinished.

Outdated Color

Outdated tile hotel bath.

Maybe the fact that your bathtubs are chipped or discolored isn’t your biggest problem. It might be that it’s been a while since you’ve had any major renovations. If you have bathtubs in your hotels that are a color other than white, then you might be looking at an outdated bathtub.

This isn’t the impression you want your hotel to give potential guests. You want them to know that everything in their room is clean and fresh. This is what makes them feel safe and clean in your hotels.

As long as the tub works fine, you don’t need to worry about replacing it. 

Instead, it’s time to get it refinished. This is the easiest way to make your bathtubs look brand new without breaking the bank. Plus, your guests will be satisfied that you’re taking good care of them and their room while they’re there.

It’s a little detail that goes a long way towards customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

Refinish Your Hotel Baths Today

A gray and white refinished hotel bathtub.

Here at Safe Step, we have the best refinishing products in the industry for your hotels. Our finishes are shown to last up to seven years rather than the industry-standard two years. This saves you money and time. All of the most friendly hotels use our service to keep their bathrooms looking amazing. Get a quote today and see how we can help your establishments.