Trend Alert: Hotels With Walk-In Showers

Hotel guests who travel for work have probably noticed that a once-familiar staple of hotel bathrooms is rarer than it used to be – the bathtub. Many hotel and resort owners are replacing tub/shower combinations in their hotels with walk-in showers under pressure from brand companies and in response to guest preferences.

Safe Step’s Paint-Free Anti-Slip Treatment leaves hotel bathroom surfaces stunningly clean and remarkably prudent. We train our technicians to perform anti-slip treatments meticulously and efficiently without displacing hotel guests or disrupting bookings.


Why The New Trend Toward Hotels With Walk-In Showers?

Several chain executives, hotel operators, and owners said it’s more than brand requirements that drive decisions to eliminate bathtubs in favor of showers.

A Modern Look

Bathtubs can make a bathroom look like the hotel owners haven’t updated guest accommodations in decades. On the other hand, showers can make a hotel bathroom look more modern and sleek. estimates that almost a quarter of all hotel bathrooms now offer walk-in showers.

Guest Preference

Especially in a business travel hotel, guests aren’t likely to be “soaking away their worries” in the bathtub. Showers make more sense for these busy travelers. And happy guests mean profit!

Cleaning Efficiency

When equipped with the correct tools, it’s faster and more comfortable for housekeeping to clean bathrooms with walk-in showers versus bending over to scrub out bathtubs. There are also fewer corners for mold to get “caught.”

Energy Conservation

The water consumption for a shower is generally less than that of a bathtub. Today’s water-saving showerheads will save you money on your water bill. In fact, the average shower only uses 17 gallons compared to the average bath’s 24 gallons.

Eliminating Safety Issues

Climbing in and out of a hotel bathtub can be tricky for some hotel guests, especially those with disabilities or the elderly. The shower curtain can cause a tripping hazard. And stepping over the lip of the bathtub can also be a fall risk. But hotels with walk-in showers are seeing rarer guest and employee safety issues with their reporting.

Not To Mention, ADA Accessibility

It is crucial to note that for a hotel to be ADA-compliant, they have to have at least some hotel rooms with walk-in showers.


Why Is Anti-Slip Treatment So Important With Walk-In Showers?

In a report from 2011, the Centers for Disease Control released data claiming that about two-thirds of accidental injuries happen in the bathroom, bathtub, or shower. Many people do not think of slippery bathrooms as a potentially hazardous issue until a fall occurs.

People fall or slip in bathtubs and showers often. In fact, your hotel bathroom is perhaps the most slippery area in your hotel, except for any pool areas. When wet, your tub and shower surface is a hazard for your guests.

If you’ve never treated your hotel’s bathroom surfaces, it is time to consider ways to safeguard these areas before an accident occurs. Luckily, there are many anti-slip solutions to help you fix a walk-in shower.

Anti-slip treatment on the shower and bathroom floors are possibly even more important for hotels with walk-in showers. You will find that a healthy, safe, anti-slip walk-in shower doesn’t have to compromise the space’s style.


What Is The Anti-Slip Application Process?

If your hotel or resort is like most, there cannot be one hold-up in the customer care and booking system. There are check-in and check-out schedules to keep, guest rooms and bathrooms to clean, and book events. There is no time to shut down for a finishing treatment to take days to air out or dry.

Anti-Slip Treatments work by increasing friction between the surface treated and people’s feet, thus preventing a slippery surface.

Our paint-free anti-slip application system has no odor or paint, so this is not an issue for Safe Step.

The Anti-Slip Treatment goes in quickly without taking a lot of time or inconveniencing your staff with remodeling or construction.

All it takes to make your walk-in showers and bathrooms safe for everyone are these four simple steps:

Step One: We remove any stains or old anti-slip installations from the surface we’re going to treat.

Step Two: We apply our patented paint-free anti-slip treatment.

Step Three: Our technicians accomplish a complete and final rinse of the area, then dry it off. Your guests can use the shower or pool area immediately following the application! There is no odor from our treatment, and we ensure our application crew cleans up after themselves.

Step Four: Our technicians will personally teach your housekeeping staff best practices on cleaning and maintaining the Anti-Slip Treatment.

We believe in empowering your staff to understand this anti-slip treatment. Understanding the follow-up care ensures your hotel guests receive their best (and safest) experience possible. The bottom line, they feel safe, which is better for your business.

With proper maintenance and care, the anti-slip treatment will last and ensure your guests are protected for years to come.

In hotels and resorts, falls and slips are one of the leading causes of injuries. The majority of these mostly avoidable incidents occur in guest bathrooms due to slippery, dirty, or grimy surfaces.

Over time, the anti-slip treads manufacturers create in the bottom of hotel bathtubs or walk-in showers will become largely ineffective. Their etched pattern becomes stained with body oils, foot dirt, cleaning chemicals, bath products, and disinfectants that polymerize onto the safety pattern.

These contaminants often cause an unsightly grey stain and ineffective anti-slip.

Safe Step’s Paint-Free Anti-Slip Treatment leaves resort and hotel bathroom surfaces remarkably clean and amazingly safe. Our technicians are trained to apply anti-slip treatments meticulously and efficiently without displacing hotel guests or disrupting bookings.

Based out of Minnesota, Safe Step proudly serves hotels and resorts nationwide. We have been doing business since 2001.

In that time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many big names in the hospitality field, including Carlson Hotels, Marriott, Hilton Worldwide, and many more. Check out our site today to request a quote and to start your hotel guest bathroom upgrades.