How Tub and Shower Refinishing Can Lead to Happier Guests

What if we told you that refinishing the tubs in your hotel could make your guests happier? Yes, we know that not everyone gets excited about tub and bath refinishing as we do. We also know that doing so can reset the feel and entire look of a bathroom. 

The look of a bathroom can carry significant weight in a customer’s experience. In this age of information, this experience gets shared and spoken about with pictures several times over. 

Guests want to take pictures of neat things in their hotel or brag about how excellent their accommodations were. Great care is taken, making lobbies and rooms timeless and comfortable, but the bathroom is often overlooked. 

Tub and shower restoration can elevate your hotel and make your guests happier. We can’t blame them for that. Who doesn’t want to shower in a beautiful new looking shower?

The hospitality business runs on experience and customer loyalty. We at Safe Step want to help you elevate your bathroom to make your guests stay better. Visit our site today to see our work and to contact us for a quote.  

Tub & Shower Cleaning and Anti-Slip

A refinished shower and tub in a hotel.

Even if a bathroom starts with a brand new tub will stain, wear down, and end up looking dated over time. 

This dated look can be dangerous to the guest’s perception, making it contrast with a luxury room or unsafe even. 

Our Signature Paint Free Process is one that begins with a four-step process of adding an anti-slip treatment to your tub. We take care to match your bathroom colors to have a cohesive and stylish bathroom your guests will love. 

We follow a four-step process to ensure that your bathroom is modern and safe. 

Step 1

Deep cleaning of the bottom of the tub or shower.  This process will also remove build-up and stains that have pulmorized into the surface.

Step 2

Our paint-free Anti-Slip Treatment is applied to the tub or shower bottom.  

Step 3 

A final rinse and dry is performed. Your tub will be ready for immediate use with no offensive fumes or mess. 

Step 4

Our technician will personally go over the process and educate your staff on how to maintain your refinished tub.

Our anti-slip covering isn’t just for tubs or showers. It is easily applied to pool areas or lobbies and adds another layer of safety and style to your hotel. 

We take pride in our treatments, as they are designed to avoid any fuss or interruption. Most bathroom refinishing companies will make paint a part of their process. We avoid this so that there are no significant fumes, and you are good to go the minute we’re done.

This four-step process is so fast it can be completed while housekeeping flips or cleans the room. You won’t lose revenue with empty rooms.

Apart from our efficient process, we believe that tub refinishing sincerely does upgrade the entire bathroom. Having a new looking tub and or shower adds a layer of luxury for your guest. 

Bathrooms are Trending

A beautiful hotel bathroom

We touched on this, but we live in an age where everything worth talking about makes an online appearance. Hotel bathrooms are not immune to this trend of sharing. Meaning guests will share the good and bad of their stay away from home. 

We believe that our tub refinishing can help you to gain a post-worthy rating. We’re not afraid to say that we, ourselves, are not immune to taking a great bathroom selfie on vacation. 

Elle Design has made an entire list of hotel bathrooms that inspire them to travel. You can find quite a few lists like this. Travelers are now looking to hotel bathrooms as an amenity to enjoy.

A noticeable commonality in these many lists is cleanliness and clean design. We make the argument that a refinished tub checks these boxes. We also take the time to ensure that the existing tub color matches and your tubs are safe. 

Guests have grown to want a bathroom that stimulates them visually and makes them feel at home. The time a guest spends in the tub, even if a short time, should be relaxing. The thought of cleanliness or safety shouldn’t factor in. 

With a newly refinished tub, those thoughts won’t occur. 

For families with children seeing a refinished tub means safety and attention to detail. To a single guest there for business or travel, a refinished tub is clean and adds to the aesthetic. It is also a place to relax and feel pampered. 

The appreciation of either of these typically results in recommendations to friends, online reviews, or social media posts. If your guest has a happy stay in a room with a great bathroom, they will reflect that.

In This Together

A bathtub in a hotel room bathroom

Safe Step sees the importance of investing in the longevity of your hotel. We offer several services to refinish your bathroom from the tub to the tile. You are making sure that your guest bathrooms are safe and timeless.

The investment comes from making sure your bathroom exceeds guest expectations for years to come. It’s a two-fold investment in the life of your hotel. 

Our other services for refinishing are: 

  • GroutSeal 
  • Tile, stone, and marble restoration
  • Paint-free anti-slip treatment 
  • EverSeal caulk treatment

All of these services will beautifully upgrade your bathroom while protecting it from deterioration. The treatments are also designed so you can avoid any full reconstruction or demolition projects.

It is said that peace of mind is priceless. We could not agree more, and believe that any of our services provide that. You are faced with guests who felt great during their stay and who are happy to have stayed with you. 

We are based out of Minnesota but proudly serve hotels nation-wide. We have been doing business since 2001 and have had the opportunity to work with Carlson Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, and many more. 

Visit our site today to request a quote and to upgrade your hotel bathrooms.