What To Consider for a Hotel Bathroom Restoration

Have you seen recent fluctuations in hotel visitor numbers as a crisis or an opportunity? Many major hotels have seized the opportunity. They’re raising standards by refurbishing or completely renovating their hotels. Bathroom restoration is crucial to these renovations.

Guests demand bathrooms that are stylish, luxurious, and hygienic. Safe Step is at the cutting edge of bathroom restoration, working with leading hotel brands, including Hilton, IHG, and Marriot.

We’re the perfect choice for your hotel or resort bathroom restoration project. Request a quote for your project today!

Let’s examine why Safe Step bathroom renovation is the right choice, whatever stage of the renovation cycle you are at. 

construction worker applying new tiles during a bathroom restoration

Bathroom Restoration in the Hotel Life Cycle

There are three main stages in the hotel life cycle – refurbishment, basic renovation, and complete renovation. Bathroom restoration is vital at every stage. 

Hotel Refurbishment

A hotel refurbishment is generally the first stage in the hotel life cycle. 

This usually happens every 5 to 7 years. Every so often, a huge one-off event, like the Olympics, rolls into town. This may call for an unscheduled refurbishment. 

Twenty days may be enough for a basic hotel refurbishment. The focus of the refurbishment is usually on:

  • Room decor/painting
  • Replacing carpets
  • Updating furniture
  • Restoring bathrooms

The beauty of working with Safe Step for your bathroom renovation is that our solutions stand the test of time. Our Groutseal system has a lifetime of 5 years plus. You can cut down on expensive maintenance between renovation cycles. 

Basic Renovation

Every 12 years, basic renovation gives you a chance to reimagine spaces and completely refresh the appearance of your rooms. A basic refurbishment should take around 10-12 weeks for a 100 room hotel. Now’s the time to consider replacing bathroom fixtures, but possibly without a complete redesign.

Again, Safe Step bathroom restorations are a sound investment. Choosing Groutseal will keep your bathrooms in great shape until the next refurbishment. 

Complete Renovation

A complete renovation is a once-a-generation event. It provides hoteliers with some unique opportunities.

First, they give you a chance to completely rebrand and reposition your hotel. These renovations can mean closing for over a year for a major hotel, but they’re a chance to cater to a new audience and exceed expectations.

They are also an excellent marketing opportunity. It’s a mistake to focus solely on the dollar value of the renovation. That might provide an impressive headline, but it doesn’t pique the public’s interest the same way a story does.

Hotel users want to enjoy a hotel bathroom that’s better than the one they have at home. You can seduce your potential guests with updates on the sumptuous bathrooms they can enjoy once the hotel is renovated. By working with Safe Step, you get bathrooms that stay looking great for years to come.

worn painting of the word "hotel"

Why Renovate Your Hotel?

The people using your hotel are changing, and it’s vital that your offering changes with them. Research by Deloitte found that millennials expect to be “surprised and delighted” by their stay. They want this 71% more than previous generations.

Customers have always demanded basics, such as a well-maintained, clean room in a great location. But now, meeting these basics is not enough. Hotels need to provide highly appealing environments that offer an experience they can’t get at home. 

A simple renovation is a great way to refresh your existing fixtures and extend their life. Rebranding is an important way to bridge the transition between your past and your future, and it’s a great opportunity to refresh your offering and provide a sense of familiarity for customers loyal to the brand.  

During a simple renovation or rebranding exercise, you may keep the existing fixtures and refresh what you already have. However, if you’re repositioning or going for a complete renovation, you have a great opportunity to go back to the drawing board. The starting point should be the needs of your target demographic. 

To determine that starting point, you could ask questions such as:

  • Will a walk-in shower increase appeal?
  • Is a bathtub and shower combination more practical for families?
  • What type of floor tile will meet aesthetic and safety considerations?
  • Is there sufficient storage space for the needs of modern guests?

beautiful hotel bathroom after a bathroom restoration

Surprise and Delight Your Guests

Whether renovating, rebranding, or repositioning, all hotels must start with the basics. The bathroom can be one of the most challenging rooms because it needs to meet style, practicality, and hygiene expectations.

Whether you’re undertaking a major rebrand or a simple bathroom makeover, Safe Step services are the best choice for results that last. 

Our bathtub refinishing services can revitalize the fixtures you already have. This can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacements.

Repair chips and cracks and apply an anti-slip treatment to the bottom of the tub. This simple fix improves safety and aesthetics in one treatment. 

Perfect grout lines are hard to achieve year in and year out. Hotel bathrooms are warm, humid places, ideal for mold growth. Safe Step Groutseal is a complete gamechanger.  

Groutseal provides 5+ years of beautiful grout lines, despite daily use and cleaning. Mold won’t stand a chance, and your guests will be surprised and delighted by the pristine clean lines for years to come.

Choose Safe Step for Your Hotel Bathroom Restoration

If you advertise your hotel as refurbished or renovated, your guests expect outstanding bathrooms. They want to see the highest quality fixtures, safe yet attractive flooring, and grout as white as the day it was installed.  

Whether you need a bathroom restoration or a complete renovation, Safe Step is the right choice. We bring over twenty years of experience to the table.

Our custom, cost-effective bathroom restorations and renovations are for hotels and resorts only. Our bathrooms are easier to clean and maintain. Build customer loyalty with bathrooms that satisfy day in, day out.

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