Why Commercial Bath Refinishing Will Make Your Resort Stand Out

More than ever, cleanliness has become a top priority in the lodging and resort industries. To meet guest standards, many in the industry invest in commercial bath refinishing to maintain a commitment to reputation and safety. If you have not been maintaining and refurbishing your bathrooms regularly, slippery surfaces, chipped countertops, and stained grout could tarnish your brand.

Thousands of hospitality companies nationwide count on Safe Step to help bring their bathrooms back to luxury resort-quality standards. Safe Step is America’s leading hospitality commercial bath refinishing company. Contact Safe Step for your quote on commercial bath refinishing.


The Only Constant Is Change

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior. Pandemic safety concerns have dramatically increased teleworking.

According to the Pew Research Center, a survey of workers who say they could do all or most of their job from home shows that 71% are working outside the office. And 54% say they would prefer to continue teleworking after the pandemic is over.

But what does that have to do with your resort?

Many higher-income workers have chosen to telework from beach resorts, ski resorts, and other luxury travel destinations. Some are doing it for several weeks or even months at a time. These trends allow you to sell more room-nights with less turnover so you can attract potential repeat visitors.

Meanwhile, vacation bookings for late this year and 2022 are going fast as vaccines roll out. But these returning guests will still want to feel confident that your facilities are spotless and safe.

Stand Out In A Crowd

Top resorts set themselves apart by making their bathrooms as luxurious as the rest of their amenities. But bathrooms need constant care and regular maintenance.

With Safe Step’s commercial bath refinishing services, you can stand out from your competitors by making your bathrooms look new again. Our expert refinishing technicians can restore their safety and bring back their original luster.


“Clean & Safe” Is A Necessity And A Luxury

Bathrooms refinished by Safe Step can help your hospitality business stand out in several important ways:

  1. We can make your bathtubs safer. Our diamond-pattern anti-slip bathtub coating will help restore traction to worn and slick bathtub surfaces.We refresh the surface traction to industry safety standards to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries (and lawsuits.) Your restored bathtubs will look good, too, because we can repair chipped porcelain coating at the same time.
  2. We can make your swimming pool decks and walkways safer. Our refinishing experts can apply our anti-slip treatment to changing room floors, swimming pool surrounds, and other amenities on your resort property that pose slipping hazards.
  3. We can make your bathroom floors, walk-in showers, and vanities look new. Safe Step can repair most stone surfaces, including granite, marble, terrazzo, travertine, and porcelain tile.We repair chips and scratches that can be difficult to keep clean and detract from your resort’s aesthetics. We can even carefully rejuvenate and seal limestone. And we will teach your cleaning and maintenance staff the best ways to keep these surfaces looking and performing like new.
  4. We can help prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial build-up in bathroom grout. With our GroutSeal process, we repair and reseal discolored and chipped grout. Dirty and damaged grout puts your resort in a bad light and can pose a health hazard. Though this may seem like a small detail, guests will notice and remember even the slightest bit of mold.
  5. We can replace caulking. Damaged bathroom caulking can become unsanitary and makes a poor impression.

Our EverSeal Caulking replacement service provides a durable seal to keep water out of places it does not belong. We apply caulking that will go virtually unnoticed while it works to keep your bathroom corners and crevices clean and safe. Our EverSeal Caulking carries a 5-year warranty.


How Does The Safe Step Commercial Bath Refinishing Process Work?

First, we will visit you to determine the best service plan that meets your priorities, budget, and timeline. Then we will schedule the work at a time that best fits your schedule.

We have teams of restoration professionals based at our Minnesota headquarters and around the country. The technicians based nearest your resort will arrive and coordinate with your on-site managers. Our uniformed workers blend in with your maintenance staff and work fast.

You can expect little disruption to your room availability. Our teams can work on bathrooms while your housekeepers are preparing rooms for new guests.

We do not use paint, so there is no lingering odor. Guests can occupy rooms immediately after we finish the restoration process. And because we have double the technicians of other providers, our teams can refinish 20 to 70 bathrooms per day.

Our service includes training your maintenance staff with best practices for cleaning and maintenance to keep your bathroom sparkling for as long as possible.

Why Use Safe Step?

Major hospitality brands like Hilton, Marriott, and IHG Hotels & Resorts rely on Safe Step to restore thousands of bathrooms every month. With our fast service, our clients can expect little to no downtime, so they can keep guest rooms occupied.

With our thorough and effective surface treatments, they can count on years of reliable performance with easy cleaning and maintenance. And our warranties protect their investments.

Our regular customers also know that Safe Step cares about the environment. Resorts offer luxurious accommodations in the most beautiful surroundings.

We want to help preserve our natural resources, too. So, we work with materials that have a low environmental impact and meet federal standards. We also take care to dispose of waste materials responsibly.

Discover What Safe Step Can Do For Your Resort

We look forward to serving your hotel and resort with our industry-leading repair and restoration services for your guest bathrooms, public restrooms, and more. Contact Safe Step for your quote on commercial bath refinishing.