Why We Choose Low VOC Formula Paint

Safe Step provides hotel bathroom refinishing services using eco-friendly, low VOC formula paint. Besides drying quickly, low VOC formulas also improve indoor air quality and avoid the fumes that other paints emit. Read on for more information, then visit our website to learn more about our refinishing and restoration services.

What Is Low VOC Formula Paint?

VOC is the acronym for volatile organic compounds emitted from various products, such as pharmaceuticals, petroleum fuels, refrigerants, and dry cleaning agents. Another of these products, conventional paint, often contains higher VOC levels. 

While indoors, these chemical compounds evaporate under normal conditions. The “Environment Protection Agency” (EPA) reports that VOC levels are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. Researchers believe this happens due to conventional paints releasing VOCs, which build up over time in enclosed spaces.

Unlike conventional paints, low VOC formula paint does not impact the ozone layer or harm living organisms. You can find low VOC formulas in some paints and similar products, such as adhesives, sealants, and cleaners. 

Not only do they help maintain the indoor air quality, but low VOC formula paint used in remodeling and construction projects also helps reduce emissions of smog-forming compounds.

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High VOC Products Are Unsafe for Humans and the Environment

VOCs in paint typically include benzene, chloride, formaldehyde, and methylene. Benzene is a human carcinogen, and formaldehyde is a toxin. These volatile organic compounds become gases or vapors as they disperse into the air. Once airborne, they cause ozone depletion and pose serious acute and chronic health risks to humans. Inhaling VOCs can damage the nasal airways, cause complications to the central nervous system, and lead to other serious health issues.

In addition, VOCs are considered greenhouse gases. Sunlight causes them to react with oxygen, producing elements harmful to the ozone. Because they are a danger to the environment, the government has been regulating VOCs for several decades.

Who We Are

Established in 2001, Safe Step is a company that provides professional commercial resort and hotel bathroom refinishing services nationwide. While we currently don’t refinish other commercial properties, we are the best source for luxury hotel bath refinishing.

We offer quick turnaround times, discrete workers, top customer service, and complete transparency. Thus, we back our work and protect your investment, ensuring your newly refinished tubs will maintain their gloss and cleanliness for years to come with industry-leading warranties.

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Our Expert Technicians and Project Managers

Safe Step technicians and project managers receive expert professional training at our headquarters in Minnesota. This process teaches them the skills needed to operate without disrupting hotel guests and perform our signature services as efficiently as possible. 

Our staff here at Safe Step always make a good impression on our clients. They are fast, friendly, professional, clean-cut, compliant, and strive to blend in with the hotel’s staff to be discreet as possible while providing our bathroom restoration services.

Safe Step’s sales team members and project managers complete timely assessments that help determine the best solutions for your bathroom restoration. We provide on-site complimentary aftercare training and preventative maintenance. 

Our professional team members serve 25 to 30 hotels across the nation on any given day, completing anywhere from 6 to 100 bathtub restorations each day. Safe Step never subcontracts since we want to ensure all our clients get the best quality services from only our well-trained technicians and staff.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

As the preferred supplier for hotels like Marriot, Hilton Worldwide, IHG, and Best Western, we aim to provide cost-effective, comprehensive, and custom services for hotels and resorts of all sizes. We always adhere to brand standards and safety measures that guests expect while staying at a leading hotel and are committed to customer satisfaction, safety, and always doing right.

Because of our dedication to quality, we have gained the best relationships with our clients. We are now the go-to company for commercial refinished bath solutions for many of the world’s largest hotel chains.

With more than 10,000 hotel bathrooms serviced every month and quite an impressive resume of hotels, nobody else comes close!

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How Our Innovative and Proven Process Works

Safe Step implements innovation into our services with a proven process that works, emphasizing our commitment to excellence. This process fosters lasting relationships with our clients, as it gives us the privilege of providing them with the best refinishing services possible.

Step 1: The Process Begins With You

Our process starts by discussing your goals, determining your budget, outlining your objectives, and identifying potential issues and concerns.

Step 2: We Determine a Plan That Works for You

Our team of experts will provide insights and discuss different scenarios with you to ensure we provide the necessary services to achieve your goals. 

Step 3: Scheduling and Prioritizing

After reviewing the scope and timeline of the project, we work with you to determine a schedule that’s convenient for you and your priorities.

Step 4: Completing the Project

Safe Step’s technicians will prioritize your requests and complete the work we discussed for your property’s bathrooms with absolute professionalism and quality that exceeds your expectations. 

Step 5: Our Warranty Protects Your Investment

You can rest assured your investment will be protected for many years to come with our great warranty. 

Why We Choose Low VOC Paint

Because we serve top hotels, we test and approve paint coatings and other products working with leading cleaning chemical suppliers. Low VOC paints contain smaller amounts of volatile organic compounds, usually less than 5 gm per liter. These lower quantities better protect human health and the environment.

Low VOC formula paint also has little to no odor, virtually eliminating complaints from staff or guests regarding fumes. Many paint suppliers are starting to produce low or no VOC paints to help reduce greenhouse gases and prevent global warming. We are doing our part for the environment by using these low VOC paint formulas. Contact us to refinish your hotel or resort bathroom safely.