Why Safe Step is the Best Commercial Bath Refinishing Company

Something that all hoteliers agree on is the importance of guest safety. Safety becomes even more important in places where guests are vulnerable, like bathrooms and pools. At Safe Step believe that we’re one of the safest and best bathtub refinishing companies. 

As a company, we take pride in providing a product that keeps guests safe while making memories. Our technicians work quickly, efficiently and personally educate your staff on maintaining the coating. 

Installation doesn’t require downtime for the hotel, meaning that you can keep your hotel running without interruption. Safe Step is committed to excellence and providing you with an unmatchable experience. 

Contact us today to see how we can help make your hotel safer for guests and staff alike.

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Safety First 

In 2001 Safe Step was born out of the need for safety in hotels. Especially the bathroom and pool areas where guests are most likely to fall. 

This need was made tangible in 2000 for our founder when his daughter slipped at a hotel while on vacation. His daughter was thankfully fine, but it made us think of how we could prevent others from such a scary experience. 

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, fractures are the most common injury from falls. These fractures happen in 5% of those who fall and are, more often than not, hip injuries. With this statistic in mind, it’s easy to see why having a safe floor in your tubs is so essential. 

That statistic also reminds us that a slip or fall can be severe, resulting in injury or fatality. When an event like this happens, it is a hit to the trust of our guests. Candidly speaking, such an incident can lead to more considerable consequences for hotels. 

Falling or getting hurt while at your hotel means that guests may take legal action. A slip could end up costing you thousands of dollars. A lawsuit is somewhat understandable, as a medical bill and a ruined time can be financially devastating. Lawsuits and claims break the trust of guests and do not bring positive press. 

Our Offerings 

No matter the size of your operation, we want to offer you protection for your guests when they’re most vulnerable. We offer three tub refinishing coatings options to suit the needs of your hotel. All of these are done without paint or downtime on your part. 

The following refinishing services include our coating and are made to withstand dirt, chemicals, and daily wear for years. Our technicians will also personally educate your housekeeping or janitorial staff on how to maintain your coating. 

Standard Bottom Coating 

With this method, 50-100 rooms per day can be serviced. Our technician will roll on our anti-slip coating with our signature diamond pattern. The Standard Bottom coating shows off the beauty of your bathroom and offers peace of mind for you and your guests. 

The Standard Bottom coating is an excellent and cost-effective way to spruce up tubs that could use an upgrade. 

Premiere Bottom Coating

This service is our most popular offering and is installed in an average of 7,000 tubs per month! 

The process for this coating is a four-part tub prep and is color-matched to fit your current bathroom. Another plus to this option is that we will fix chips in the bathtub up to one inch in diameter. 

This coating can be applied to 20-70 tubs per day. 

Premiere Complete Coating 

This package is a great deal and a great investment to boot. Many of our long time clients highly recommend the Premiere Complete coating. For no additional cost, you receive :

  • Five-year warranty 
  • Total caulk removal and replacement which will give a new seal 
  • Chip repair 
  • Two primer coats and four topcoats for a glossy finish

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Best Bathtub Refinishing Company 

Any of our coating packages are a real investment in the future of your hotel and your guests. Not only is there no downtime, but your tubs can be used immediately after the coating is applied. Waiting for products to dry can cause a major shut down and quite a headache. 

Other products and companies that offer anti-slip coating shut down the location completely. One of the reasons this happens is because they use paint to finish off their product. We believe that the paint used will only chip and leave you needing to repeat the process.

Not only will the paint chip but, whatever area it’s applied needs to be aired out to eliminate fumes. Potentially, you can run into having several rooms unavailable. 

Our coating also offers excellent protection in pool areas. Pools are an area often forgotten when thinking about slipping. Our coating goes well in pools and can provide an extra bit of protection for guests and staff. 

At Safe Step, we believe that our commitment to quality, safety, and education makes us the best bathtub refinishing company.  

The safety of your guests and staff doesn’t mean a sacrifice in the beauty of your hotel. We match the color of your bathroom with the newly applied coating. We also believe that the installation shouldn’t have to interrupt operations. 

Our coating is trusted by some of the biggest hotel franchises in the United States!

  • Hilton Worldwide 
  • Carlson
  • Best Western 
  • International Hotels Group (IHG)

It’s an honor to work with exceptional hotels that take pride in offering the best to their guests.

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Giving You Our Best

We don’t stop at tubs! Other services offered are:

  • GroutSeal 
  • Tile, stone, and marble restoration 
  • Everseal caulk replacement

Hospitality is one of the oldest industries and can be quite exciting to work in. We deal in giving guests a place to rest away from home and make memories. We must also look into how to make guests’ stays as safe as possible.  

We hope to show hospitality to our clients by leaving little evidence of being there. We believe that the only sign of our visit should be a beautiful and safe bathroom.  

It’s a goal of ours to offer an unmatchable experience. Our company calls Minnesota home, but we proudly serve hotels nationwide. 

Contact us today for a quote and a safe tub.